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  • 1 decade ago
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    The leisure time time, people often beat to deliver time with the television, the television cans not gets away from people, people also can not get away from a television.From a casket son, can know the knowledge and the news that renew continuously everywhere then.Just so-called"the show just doesn't go out, can know a world matter."Watch a television can broaden general knowledge not only, can also beat to deliver boring time.

    Along with science and technology development, the television programs of each form and each color all have, among them, I like most .The impression is the most deep, feeling"Duo A dream" is most interesting.Since the childhood, many the A dream has been my dream, I have been considering, is what am I unlike big male similar and in fortune lap?For what can't my drawer run out machine cat?Have ever had a period of time me to have been thinking as long as be like a similar homework of big male not good, will have a good heart of Duo A dream to help me, result, my result drops to in the sixth place, I was fantastic with being what I testing clearly not goodly, but having another A dream how didn't appearing at that time.

    Duo A dream riotous my childhood, keep company with me growth, beat to deliver each boredom time for me, Duo the A dream ascended many smiling faces for my living painting, increasing some creativities for my thinking mode.I think that will not have the ratio Duo any further in the world A dream the more interesting Kuang a life time is huge to make!


    Source(s): 譯言堂
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