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    Questions remain after worst U.S. shooting rampage


    BLACKSBURG, Virginia (Reuters) - Police and university officials faced pressure on Tuesday to explain how a gunman evaded detection between killing two people and going on to kill 30 others two hours later in America's worst shooting rampage.


    The man killed himself in a classroom at Virginia Tech university after opening fire on students and staff in an apparently premeditated massacre on Monday morning.


    Police said the gunman appeared to have used chains to lock doors and prevent victims from escaping. Fifteen people were wounded, including those shot and students hurt jumping from windows in a desperate attempt to flee the gunfire.


    "We knew that there was a shooting but we thought it was confined to a particular setting," Steger told reporters, explaining the lack of more urgent measures such as evacuating the sprawling grounds or shutting down the whole campus.

    校長史泰格(Charles Steger)說,「當時我們知道有槍擊發生,但我們認為只侷限在一特定區域。」他為校方為何沒有採取更多緊急應變措施做解釋,諸如疏散學生或是封鎖整個校區。

    Although police said earlier there appeared to be only one gunman, they declined to confirm the two incidents were linked. Steger said the investigation was still unfolding but that he did not believe there was a second gunman still at large.


    The first shooting was reported to campus police at about 7:15 a.m. (1115 GMT) in West Ambler Johnston Hall, a dormitory housing some 900 students. Two hours later, dozens of shots were fired a half-mile away at Norris Hall, site of the science and engineering school.

    維吉尼亞理工第一波槍擊據報是上午7:15(1115 GMT)在住有約900名學生的宿舍發生的。接著嫌犯在科學與工程學院的諾瑞思樓(Norris Hall)發射更多子彈。而維吉尼亞理工正是以科學與理工在美國享有盛名。

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