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    Fine-quality merchandise is one of the most popular industries for the moment. With the coming of Aesthetics era, the pattern mode of high technic products combine fine-quality merchandise is gradually germinated. As living standard get higher people have different requests of the high tech products from the past. The customer firsthand experience was considered to be the extra value before, now has displaced the price and function and become the leading value. High technic products are on the strength of the fine-quality merchandise which penetrate the customer. Through emotinal connection they create the customer loyalty. High technic fine-quality merchandise is already proved to be the trend in the future.

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    The exquisite article industry is currently the ㄧ of the global popular industry, esthetics the times come, the high-tech product combine the operation mode of the exquisite article industry to have already sproutlaced gradually, along with the gradual exaltation of[with] living standard, people's request toward high-tech product, have already differed from before, is thought to is a value added consumer usage experience in the past, having already replaced the price and function now, becoming main value.High-tech product by the concept of the exquisite article, move the heart of the consumer, through the link of the emotion, create the loyalty of the customer, the high-tech exquisite article has already become future trend.

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    It is up-market industry it is at present been global for industry not hot ,The arrival of aesthstic era, the operation mode that the high-tech products combined the fine works industry has already sprouted gradually, one that is with living standard gradual to raise, people demand in high-tech products, already different from the past, consideredded to be the thing in the past consumers of additional value used and experienced, have already replaced the price and function now, has become chief value. 高科技產品藉由精品的概念,打動消費者的內心,透過情感的連結,來創造顧客的忠誠度,高科技精品已成為未來的趨勢。

    The high-tech products move consumers' heart with the up-market concept, through the linking of emotion, to create the customer's loyalty, the Hi-Tech fine works have already become the future trend.

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