I need help in my ap us history essay.?

Well the question says identify 3 of the following New Deal measures and analyze the ways in which each of attempted to fashion a more stable economy and a more equitable society:

Agricultural Adjustment Act

Securities and Exchange Comm

Wagner National Labor Relations Act

Social Securty Act

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    The AAA was passed in order to get food to sell again. It gave farmers incentives to grow certain crops and dump other crops that were flooding the market. It was essentially to re-balance the agricultural markets in post-depression america.

    The SEC was designed to prevent another great depression and market crash, as well as provide policing for stocks and bonds.

    The Wagner one I've never heard of.

    The Social Security Act was originally designed as an optional, government sponsored retirement plan to supplement ones own investments. It has now grown into the bloated, mandatory system we have today.

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    The agricultural adjustment act did several things but perhaps the most important was to establish "parity" prices which meant that farmers would no longer find themselves in the straits that they had been in where prices fell below costs. It also provided low interest loans to farmers to help ward off foreclosures. The SEC stepped in and became the policeman of the stock market and put an end to some of the shady deals that had gone on in the decade of the 20's. Most importantly it was given the power to regulate Margin rates and therefore control speculation to some degree. The Wagner act often called the Magna Carta of Labor established the right of collective bargaining. Meaning that a union could legitimately bargin on behalf or all of the members it also legalized the right of unions to strike. The Social Security act provide an income for older folks who could not work any longer. Thus they were not dependent on their friends and families for survival. The thought was that by giving them a steady income they could spend and help stimulate the economy.

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