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Have you read any great parenting books lately?

I just finished "Getting it Right with Children". It is a good book but it did not address all my concerns. Any recommendations?

Specifically, I am interested in effective discipline.

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    These are of some of my favorite parenting books regarding discipline!

    Children: The Challenge by Rudolf Dreikers

    Presents no-nonsense advice and techniques for dealing with many misbehaviors using natural and logical consequences.

    Redirecting Children’s Behavior by Kathryn J. Kvols

    Provides many techniques to guide families to become close, cooperative, and respectful. Provides great ways to set limits in positive ways. Helps solve the “mystery” of why children misbehave.

    Discipline Without Tears by Rudolf Dreikers

    Stresses encouragement, cooperation, and disciplining children lovingly and effectively.

    P.E.T. Parent Effectiveness Training by Thomas Gordon

    Addresses issues of family communication, conflict resolution, and raising responsible children without shame or punishment.

    Discipline That Works by Thomas Gordon

    Provides evidence that punitive discipline and punishment are harmful to children and are ineffective as a means to fostering children’s good behavior. Provides strategies to help children control their own behavior.

    Raising Your Spirited Child by Mary Sheedy Kurcinka

    Very good for “strong willed” children. Provides specific tool to work with “spirited” children.

    Guiding Young Children by Eleanor Reynolds

    Practical problem solving techniques that exclude the use of punishment, blame, or guilt. Presents techniques for developing listening skills, negotiation, conflict resolution, and setting limits.

    Source(s): I read a lot!
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    You Are Your Child's First Teacher - Rahima Baldwin

    Covering Home - Jack Petrash

    Indigo Children

    Star Children - Georg Kuhlewind

    The Well Balanced Child Sally Goddard Blythe

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    1-2-3 Magic by Thomas W. Phelan.

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    I like all the books of "Focus on the family" ministries - James Dobson.

    Also "On becoming baby wise" (then "on becoming toddler wise" etc)

    Also, Dr. Phil's book Family First has excellent chapters on discipline.

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    YOu might want to try "How to Talk So Kids Will Listen (And Listen so Kids Will Talk". It's an excellent starting point and should really help with discipline.

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    Here is a GREAT books on discipline

    Playful Parenting by Lawrence Cohen

    Read it and I am sure it will be effective for you.

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    We liked "How to Raise your Childs IQ by Kindergarten" by a Dr. Perlmutter, but by the title you can see its for younger kids.

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    I quite like the Supernanny book.

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