Toilet won't fully flush. any ideas?

Well, it is a 'standard' toilet, and it was working fine until a few days ago. when I flush it, the water goes down, but it does not get a full flush. If there is TP in there, it will not fully get flushed. I tried some stuff (not draino) that is made for toilet clogs, and have tried plunging it. Nothing works so far. I do not have a rodder, but I was wondering before I take the toilet apart and try to see if it is clogged somewhere, if there was any ideas on why this might be happening. Thanks in advance.

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    Get a hand auger if you want to DIY.

    If there's something in there, the auger will probably get it. I would try that first before I tore the toilet apart.

    You can pick up a hand auger at you local hardware store or home improvement center. Once you see it, it's pretty self explanitory on how to use it.

    Hope this helped, good luck!!

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    It could be a couple of things. Don't "take it apart"! Try this first! Fill a 5 gallon bucket with water, and try and pour the whole thing into the bowl. If it won't "flush", you have a clog in your main drain. If it will "flush", the jets of your toilet have an accumulation of calcium, and the toilet will need to be replaced. A hand auger is a useful tool for all homeowners to have, and it might help, if the clog is inside the bowl, but it sounds like you have other problems. Good luck!

    Source(s): Texas Master plumber for 30 years
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    I have seen many crazy things stuck in toilets, such as: Q-tips, combs, hair brushes, tooth brushes etc. even a coat hanger. The best advice I can give you is to try pulling out whatever it is, use a bent coat hanger but don't loose it. The problem, (many times) is that T. Paper gets wound around the obstacle and so you get slow flushings. If you can not get it out (no matter what you try), I see a new toilet in your future ;-).

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    Maybe it's the flapper in the tank is getting restricted, open the top of the tank and check it out, if that's ok the plumber is the next best choice, Good luck

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    Call the plumber before it gets messy, if you know what I mean.

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