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FUN PLACES in the DFW (TEXAS)area to take kids (ages10 and 11) in the Summer!! Suggestions PLEASE!!?

Please help me out here. I am a nanny and last year we did so much...

Dallas Cowboys Stadium Tour

Turner Falls in OK

Arbuckle Wilderness

Dinosaur Valley St. Park

Las Colinas Movie Studios

Dallas Aquarium

Dallas and Fort Worth Zoo

Six Flags & Hurrican Harbor

Magic Time Machine

Rainforest Cafe

Burgers Lake


Can you help us go to some NEW fun places this year??

Any suggestions within 3 hours or so of DFW??

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    Damn, those are some lucky kids! You covered quite a bit!

    Well, here are some additional things to do

    Ballpark in Arlington Tour (dugout is the better tour)

    Dr Pepper Plant in Dublin

    Dallas Arboretum

    Ft. Worth Botanical Gardens

    Malibu Grand Prix (off of I35 in Dallas near Walnut Hill)

    San Francisco steak house (to see the swing)

    Main Event (Lewisville, Grapevine)

    Putt Putt (several) and/or Beltline station in Irving

    Nasher Museum (sculptures)

    Dallas Children's Theater

    CATS - Creative Art Theater something (kids theater in arlington)

    First Monday trader's market in Canton

    Ft. Worth Stockyards

    Ft. Worth Museum of Science (it's a blast!)

    Grapevine train (take the train from Grapevine to Ft worth Stockyards)

    500 Inc, Artfest (Memorial day weekend in Addison)

    Frontier City (in Oklahoma city)

    (Edit) Oh, and I almost forgot, SCHLITTERBAHN!!! It's in New Braunfels, near San Marcos just south of Austin, so it might be just outside your 3 hr window, but it is SOOOO worth it. It's the best water park in the world! They use natural water from the Guadelupe River and the "Lazy River" if you choose all the slow turns takes like 30-40 min just to go once!!!

    Those are a few that I could think off offhand.

    Hope that helps!

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    DANG!!!!You did all that in a summer????I have lived in Dallas 14 years and have only done about half that stuff,you guys will probably have to do that stuff again because that is like everything to do in Dallas,except for,off the top of my head,The Holocaust museum,The Dallas Art Museum,The Dallas Science Museum(real fun for small kids is The Science Place,in the science museum call and ask about that.I highly recommend that for inquisitive kids),Arlington Ball Park(I think they have tours),and Medieval Times,which is really,really,really,really fun,but can be a bit pricey.

    Source(s): Even if you do not pick me for best answer at least look into the Science Place and Medival Times.
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    If you are willing to drive close to 4 hours you MUST go to Kemah Boardwalk in Kemah,TX (near Galveston). They are building a new wooden coaster while smaller than the Texas Giant looks promising to be a much wilder ride. It is owned by the same comapany that owned the Rainforest Cafe but I don't think they have one there. Try the Pizza Oven restaurant if you make it to Kemah.

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