How to connect two laptop computers in internet using REMOTE DESKTOP connection?

hello friends, I am trying to connect my laptop with my friends using remote desktop through internet.

I want to take access to my friends laptop screen.

Please tell me how to configure and connect two laptop using remote desktop connection in internet. We too are in different places, so I want to access his remote desktop screen from my place. I been trying but I am unable to do so. Please help me in configuring our two laptops. we too using the same laptops and same operating system( win XP pro).

Thank you

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    I can suggest to use netmeeting instead of Remote Desktop Connection. The reasons are;

    1)Already installed on your laptop.If you cannot find the icon type "conf" on start->Run

    2)There is a mechanism for accept reject incoming calls(some kind of security)

    3)You can share one of your desktop view only or with full control.

    4) If you prefer you can share only one application.

    I am sure you will receive answers for RDC also. You need RDC only when you want to run a program on other laptop without disturbing other users.

    Mustafa AKSU

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    You will absolutely not have to pay anything additional at all if you want to connect more than one computer to your Time Warner connection. Time Warner representatives may *tell* you that you need to pay extra, but this is just what they are trained to say so that they can extract more money from customers who don't know any better. This, at least, is what Earthlink representatives tell customers, and Earthlink is a Time Warner reseller in some areas, so the two may have similar policies. If someone tells you that you need to pay extra to use a router with your service or else it won't work, they are lying; whether you pay a router surcharge or not, your service will work fine with a router. You will not need a DSL modem for either computer. All you will need is a cable modem, which you presumably already have, and a way to connect more than one machine at once, such as a router. QUOTE Can I just buy a new Desktop Computer, hook it up to my outlet and it'll have internet service? /QUOTE If by, `outlet`, you mean your cable modem, then yes. To do that though, you would have to disconnect the currently connected computer, only allowing one computer to be connected at a time. That's why I suggest that you purchase a router so that you can have as many computers or other devices connected simultaneously as you want.

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    Remote Internet Access For Laptop

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    ok for this u need to configure both laptop remote desktop sharing and create a login who have permision of remote desktop sharing i m going to tell u how to enable the desktop sharing step 1. right click on my computer and press properties .2. press remote and enable check box allow users to connect remotely to this computer 3. select users who can connect to ur computer.

    after doing this u should have each others IP address to connect remotely ..

    4. now open remote desktop connection and type the IP address of your freinds computer

    it will take you to his computer and ask u the user password to login his computer

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  • 6 years ago

    Hey, try team viewer. Here are some instructions.

    Source(s): I always use Team Viewer./ personal experience
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    by using xp os we can't connect through the internet. you or your friend should have server operating system.

    at one side in server configure the connection RRAS in it mini DHCP , DHCP relay agent, VPN user account connection. you know what i say.

    read out some sits which gives information about it

    thank you

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    You can't do it that way unless you already have the two computers connected to the same network.

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