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Weight Watchers Points???

How do you calculate how many points you are allowed on the Weight Watchers program? I know it's based on height and weight for sure but I didn't know if anyone knew where I could find a chart or a website with more information on how to calculate how many points I can have?

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    For females: 7 points

    For males: 15 points



    18-20yrs = 5points

    21-35 yrs = 4 points

    36-50 = 3 points

    51-65 = 2 points

    +65 = 1 point


    Weight (in kilograms)










    Less than 5'3'' = 1point

    More than 5'3'' = 2 points


    Type of job

    No exercise = 0 points

    Standing most of the time = 2 points

    Moving most of the time = 4 points

    Exhausting work = 6 points


    Your aim

    Losing weight: minus 0 points

    Maintaining your weight: minus 4 points

    So, let's suppose you're a 25 yrs old female, your height is 5'4'', your weight is 60 kgs (this is almost 132lbs), you have an office job (that means no exercise job) and you wanna lose weight.

    7+4+6+2+0 = 19 points

    You wanna lose weight, so 19-0 = 19 points.

    In case you want to maintain: 19+4=23 points

    So, you need to eat only 19 points per day.

    Calculate the same way according to your age, height, weight, type of job.

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    I would like to thank the person who posted the quiz because for those of us who don't have the money to spend at meetings or the money to pay for two accounts on, it's very helpful to be able to do the quiz on your own. BTW, to my best friend who said that the person who asked the question shouldn't be cheap and should go to the meetings...I'm on my fifth try on ww and I've lost the most within the least amount of time (26 pounds in 2 1/2 months)...Guess what? Part of the key to the success is that I decided not to bother with the meetings anymore. They are great for people doing it on their own, but if you live with someone who is doing it with you, and both of you are veterans at it, then you really don't need the meetings if you don't want them.

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    You calcualte the points by sticking to the plan verbatim. If you deviate you lose points.

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    Why don't you join and find out? They give out the material at your first meeting. If you are too cheap to do so, then select a different diet.

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