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每個人都有自己的理想大學生活,有人選擇顧學業,而有人則選擇玩社團或是交朋友,這些都在大學生活裡是不可或缺的!但我選擇的是三者兼顧,唸書是學生的義務與責任,所以我們不可以荒廢它,而且要精進我們所鑽研的課程,之後才可以發揮所才!再者,社團和朋友也是相當重要的,社團可以在課業之餘從事不一樣的活動以及拓展人際關係 ,而朋友則是可以在我們需要幫助時,盡力幫我們解決問題,而且是打從心底幫助我們,並不要求任何回報,當我們難過時,他們會安慰你,當我們沮喪時,他們會鼓勵你,這是朋友之間難得的情誼,我們是必須好好珍惜的!以上是我的理想大學生活!

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    Personal all there is own ideal university life, the someone's choice attends to studies, and someone then choose to play association or make friend, these all is necessary in the university life!But what I choose is threes to look after both sides of, studying is the student's obligation and responsibility, so we can't be neglected it, and want an aggressive curriculum delved into by we, just can develop after just!Furthermore, the association and friend is also rather important, association can at lessons of remaining work on a different activity and expand a social interaction, and friend is can at we need help, make an effort to help us to solve problems, and is from the heart bottom helps us, don't request any repay, when we are sad, they will comfort you, when we are upset, they will encourage you, this is a rare friendship, we have to be good to like to cherish!Is my ideal university life above!

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