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Malaysia, truly asia?

Visit Msia 2007, encourages more visitors. Their visa applications/explanations is explained in bahasa melayu?

"SME loans wil be given to small and medium-sized industry business owners regadless of their races" Pak Lah said.

the website provided is here

Are they serious in what they say?


dear tortured soul, for your info, bahasa melayu is mostly understood by

"The Malay language, also known locally as bahasa Melayu, is an Austronesian language spoken by the Malay people who reside in the Malay Peninsula, southern Thailand, the Philippines, Singapore, central eastern Sumatra, the Riau islands, and parts of the coast of Borneo. It is an official language of Malaysia, Brunei and Singapore. " phrase take from wikipedia by "malay" keyword.

The Arabians from Dubai or other rich petroleum countries only understands Jawi. for example,

Update 2:

Bo$$: I even have a friend who works for SIRIM. he said "the most relaxing job in my life. sometimes i do not know what to do with my leave days, sigh,so many." theres also some point, he even say "everyone extends their hari raya leaves, if i go to work today, i will be alone. dont worry, i wont get fired, its an unofficial leave. haha"

Update 3:

well said, angel, well said.

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    A word on visa applications. If what you say is true, then gov't should print in BM, English, Chinese & Japs, if they seriously want to attract tourists from those countries.

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    corruption, murdering, sodomy, mendacity, non secular nonsense, robbing & swearing and making a mockery of the judicial/government structures perchance aside from Corruption, each little thing else is nicely-known everywhere else interior the worldwide, interior the western worlds. And nicely the worldwide sodomy exceptionally much by no ability heard in different continents, this is in simple terms because of the fact sodomisers are no longer criminals, recommendations you. Malaysia is Malaysia.

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    Malaysia is not a good representation of South East Asia. A particular nighbouring country would fare much better in terms of attracting and promoting the region. I wonder which?

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    Pak Lah can say 1001 things, but are they implemented by the banks without prejudice???

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    pls forgive them, their thinking is limited ;-), their mind also got limited space

    all good ones work for some private companies, MNC's, work abroad and so on.

    and those with tidak apa attitude, slow, and can't perform, will join the public sector

    so pls understand them, that's the best work piece they can deliver

    Source(s): i got a friend who joined govt service simply because 'mahu relax sikit'
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    Unfortunately the government does practise double standard here but then again doesn't everyone at some point?

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    asking more malay visitors to come lah

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    HOHOO...i 100% agree with Bo$$/......

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