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Sod Installation?

I Have a 1,000 sq. feet back yard, i want to install some sod in....

how much should i expect to pay per foot......?

For those of you that have Sod installed how much did you pay and how big was your lawn....

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    Sod installation varies surrounding ur personal city , state and the taxes within that region. If ur dying to know how much it will cost just call ur local Home Depot or Ace Hardware, ect. and ask them about how many sod pads ur gonna need and the cost of each. Fyi, sod installation is really easy all you need is a sharp box cutter and ur fingers to pinch the edges together. I have laid sod and believe me, it is really quite easy and much cheaper to do it urself than to hire someone to do it for you....if you need help don't be afraid to send me an e-mail and i will tell you how to do it.....or ask the guys at the store you buy it i said its a piece of cake to lay sod....If i were you though, i would level the dirt in ur yard before laying the sod so it doesnt look like the house's yard that i rent looks like.

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    Sod farmers will vary in their pricing so its a good idea to get several estimates. If you are going to install the sod yourself, remember that it must be laid within two days of being cut, and after its installed, keep it really wet for a few days. That will give it a chance to take root and grow. Once it does, you will have a great looking lawn.

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    Depends on the type of sod you want to put down. Like someone said before its best if you level your yard first. Makes draining of the yard better and that will help prevent fungus and a few other problems.

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  • Chrys
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    impossible to answer...every town/city/state has different prices, and different kinds of grass...

    So get out your phone book, look under sod or nurseries and contact all the grass growers you can find for prices..

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