wat is alice academy about?

i keep seeing ppl answer questions and answer that alice academy is a manga.wat is alice academy about in de first place?


first,is alice academy in books 2?

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    Gakuen Alice or Alice Academy is the story of a 10-year old girl, Mikan Sakura, who is devastated when her best friend, Hotaru Imai, transfers to a special school for "genius" kids in Tokyo. Mikan runs away from home to seek out her dear friend, and finds that the school Hotaru transferred to, Alice Academy, is specifically for children who each have a special power called an "Alice". After a teacher at Alice Academy, Narumi, discovers that Mikan has a unique Alice, she is admitted into the school. The story is primarily about Mikan and her experiences at the academy.

    The Alice Academy is allegedly located somewhere in Tokyo, beside a huge gorilla billboard. The size of the school grounds resembles the dimensions of a sprawling estate, reminiscent of the CLAMP School in CLAMP School Detectives. The grounds are enough to contain three levels of school (elementary, junior high, senior high), as well as Central Town, where shops managed by Alice-bearing artisans sell goods resulting from their Alices. The Academy has its own monetary system, the Rabbit (Rt). One Rabbit equals 100 yen. There is a forest in the middle of the estate.

    The school has its own set of student representatives in addition to the top brass of the school.

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    Alice academy is about a girl (Mikan) who's trying to after her bestfriend (Hotaru) whose going to Alice Academy. Alice academy itself is an academy for those who has a strange power like the power of creating fire, power of make things fly, etc. Hotaru has the power to create extraordinary things mostly robots, while Mikan has the power of annihilation (but she doesn't really know how to control it though). Mikan manage to get into the Alice Academy but most of the students there underestimate her. With her natural n innocent attitude, she's trying so hard to fit in. This is what the story is all about, how she's trying to fit in, how she make new friends, and how she discovered that Alice Academy is not what she thinks it is. It's fun anime to watch..

    Sorry if my story kinda mess, better look at the anime yourself ^_^

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    well its about an academy that gathers people with alices. and about mikan trying to find her friend but it turns out that mikan has an alice too so she stays in the skool. and she starts to kno more things about the skool.

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