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can anyone recommend some good popular music from argentina please??

ive been out of the country for a few years now going to school in the united states so i havent been able to keep up with popular music in argentina. any recommendations?

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    Argentine rock, or Rock Nacional, is a distinctive form of Argentine rock and roll. It is said to have begun in about 1965, when a Beatlesque group called Los Shakers, from Uruguay, arrived in Argentina. At the time, popular music was a style called ritmo latino, a mainstream pop genre.

    Bohemian hangouts in Buenos Aires and Rosario were the cradles of the genre, relying heavily on British rock influences, but in the mid-1960s musicians began exploring local musical roots, creating a local sound. Los Shakers brought a hard-edged form of rock to the country, and musicians like Litto Nebbia of Los Gatos began recording their own kind of rock. Los Gatos' La Balsa, released early in their year, established the distinctive sound of Argentine rock. By 1970 Argentine rock had become established among middle class youth (see Almendra, Sui Generis, Crucis). In the 80s, Argentine rock bands became popular across Latin America and elsewhere (Soda Stereo, Enanitos Verdes, Sumo, Fabulosos Cadillacs, Virus, Andres Calamaro). Today it is a staple of popular culture with many sub-genres: underground, pop oriented, and some associated with the working class (La Renga, Divididos, Los Redonditos). Some of those bands enjoy crossover popularity with listeners of cumbia villera. Current popular bands include: Los Piojos, Babasónicos, La Renga, Las Pelotas, Divididos, Attaque 77, Intoxicados, and Bersuit. Argentine rock is the most listened-to music among youth; its influence and success has expanded internationally owing to a rich and uninterrupted evolution.

    Some of the most popular Argentine rock musicians of all time are Charly García, Luis Alberto Spinetta, Fito Páez, and Pappo.


    Main article: Argentine cumbia

    A very important part of recent and contemporary Argentine music, originally derived from the Colombian cumbia, adopted by the lower classes in the bailantas, widespread in the 1990s, and then turning more aggressive and explicit in the 2000s with "shanty town cumbia" (cumbia villera).

    In the 1980s, South American migrants brought so-called "tropical" music to higher prominence in Argentina, a mixture of cumbia (Peruvian and Bolivian style, but originally Colombian), folk rhythms, and Caribbean syles. Around the same time cuarteto in Córdoba, became a major musical genre. Cuarteto and chamamé from Corrientes made it to Buenos Aires alongside tropical music and migrants from the north. All these various musical styles were played in the crowded ballrooms in lower class neighborhoods, and it would eventually give rise to cumbia villera.

    The preferred musical style of the shanty towns, its lyrics sometimes parallel those of U.S. rap, concerning the poverty, drugs and crime which are facts of life there. They sometimes include derogatory references of women, but mainly deal with lost love and romance. (popular bands: Yerba Brava, Pibes Chorros, Damas Gratis, Nestor en Bloque)

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