What is the difference between the AP Bio exam and the SAT II Bio exam?

I'm taking both the AP Bio exam and the SAT II Bio test at the beginning of May. The SAT II is first. Should I buy an SAT II bio book, or is it about the same as the AP Bio test? I have both the CliffsNotes and Princeton Review for AP Bio. Also, any suggestions between Bio E or M?

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    The difference between the two exams is length and content. I also have taken both tests, and I can give good advice since I did pretty well on both of them (5 on AP Test and 720 on SAT II). The AP Bio test is 3 hours long and includes a free-response section with 4 questions as well as 80 multiple choice questions. The SAT II as I recall has actually 100 questions. The first 80 are universal for Biology, but the final 20 depend on your choice of Bio E or M. For myself, I took Bio E, because I felt it was easier. To prepare for the AP Test, use the CliffsNotes AP prep book. I also used the same prep book for preparing for the SAT II, because I knew the AP test was more comprehensive and more difficult than the SAT II, so it is better to have the most knowledge possible.

    So, in essence, I would suggest you use the CliffsNotes AP Biology Book to prepare for both tests, and I would take Biology E. The difference between the two tests is that the SAT II lasts 1 hour, in comparison to the 3 hour AP Bio Test, which also includes a free-response section.

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    Have you taken a class for Biology AP? Biology AP and biology are 2 different things, even though they are both biology, biology AP is much harder and have much more information. If you are going to take the SAT II bio, you should study a book like Princeton Review or Kaplan for Biology. You shouldn't just look at AP Bio's books because the SAT II test is in a much different format and they include a different variety of question. i think you should have both books to learn, not only to study but also familiar yourself with the format of test questions and directions to save you time on the test.

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