Any suggestions for sealing acrylic paint on glass?

I am making little votive holders for my boyfriend and a few mutal friends that have their fraternity letters on the, Im using acrylic paint on glass. Any suggestions on tip on how to seal the acrylic paint from chipping off the glass or to keep it from coming off when its being washed. The votive holders can double over as a shot glass. Thanks in advance.

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    Fraternity boys and painted glass? I can almost guarantee you those paintings won't last!! LOL What about vinyl stickers?

    I'm not sure how well they'd do for votives though.

    Have you thought about using etching cream? It will permanently etch your glasses and you can find what you need in any craft store, probably near the paint aisle.

    Here's How:

    You can buy a stencil, or use a computer font to make your own on stenciling plastic (also at the craft store)

    If you're really set on painting, this site has a TON of great info.

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    Sealing Paint On Glass

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    definite, acrylic paint will carry on with just about each and every thing. in case you physique it below glass, use a matt board and which will create an area between the portray and the glass. artwork would desire to in no way without put off touch the glass besides, there ought to constantly be a matt or some indoors side geared up into the physique to maintain the artwork removed from the glass no count what sort of artwork medium you utilize.

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    You should use a spray clear acrylic or polyurethane sealer. Using a spray will prevent the acrylic paint from reliquifying and smearing. Objects like this will have to be carefully washed by hand with a soft sponge only. There is nothing you can do to make this a permanent decoration. The more it is used and/or washed, the sooner it will wear off.

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