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What is the most likely scenario in which nuclear weapons would fall into the hands of terrorists?

Is the above scenaorio inevitable? How can we best postpone or perhaps even prevent this possibilty?

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    what is hard to comprehend is the amazing complexity of nuclear weapons. They are not something some geek could make in his basement! They require huge amounts of resources, both financially and intellectually. And while the so called "suitcase nukes" are theoretically possible, the miniaturization required is tremendous.

    Even a group such as Al Queda would face a daunting prospect if they wished to build one. More likely they will be used by a nation with the resources to build one, but who do not want the political fallout that comes from using a nuclear weapon. So a rouge nation such as Iran or North Korea would secretly sell them to a terrorist organization which has no qualms about being despised by the world.

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    I fear it may already have happened. A nuclear physicist in Pakistan was convicted of selling nuclear secrets to North Korea. Citation:

    So we know that at least one scientist in a Third World country with nuclear capabilities has sold out to the highest bidder. Note that he did NOT sell the secrets to a terrorist organization claiming to be Muslim.

    With this known history, I would say the most likely scenario for getting nuclear weapons into terrorist's hands will come from someone in a terrorist organization ponying up enough money to entice some scientist or soldier in charge of nuclear weapons to give them to the terrorist organization.

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    it is going to fall into the palms of terrorist considering that Iran is a state-sponsor of Hezbollah. As such, we would desire to constantly enable Israel off the chain to bypass in and tell them no. enormously considering that Ahmajenejihad or in spite of the hell his call is has publicly admitted he desires to wipe Israel off the map. in the event that they sign onto permitting UN weapon inspectors in there on a regular foundation to make confident they are not construction weapons-grade stuff then idc. There are makes use of for nuclear issues besides weapons alongside with means.

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    Fundamentalists take power in Pakistan via elections or a coup. Nuclear weapons are given to fundamentalist allies in Iraq, Afghanistan or Saudi Arabia.

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    That Pakistan leadership falls and a radical fundamentalist Islamic leadership take over and gain control of the nuclear weapons. This would lead to a war between Pakistan and India and that would draw in other countries in the Mid-East and this would lead to a war with Israel.

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    We must constuct OPERATION STAR WARS! Lasers that can shoot down nuclear weapons from space at a safe distance. This actually was a proposed plain but russia threw a tizzy fit and bush said hell naw son i aint want none of that MOTHER LAND!!! BS shii. They were all like hey man if you build that we going to build so many nukes that yoru litttle " laster" cant possibly shoot them all down. were all like KOO .. iight i aint mad at cha.

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    It will probably happen when a country like Iran is overthrown by a rebel group. The rest of the world needs to do its job ( mainly the U.N.).

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    North Korea, Red China, or Russian give it to them. Iran is being used as a front.

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