Where is the electric window fuse?

In my 1990 toyota celica I can't find the fuse for the windows. There is a little fuse box by each of the passenger and driver feet and there are two boxes in the engine but I can't find which fuse is for the electric windows. Maybe I'm missunderstanding the "really helpful" abbriviations but I can't find the right one.

What is it labeled as and which little box is it in?

Thanks to anyone who can help.

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  • 1 decade ago
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    i own a shop and all it will read on the fuse box ids like this, pwr-wdo,that's sort of how it will look on it and that one should be located in the main fuse panel on the inside of the vehicle,those little letters are hard to see sometimes but it should be listed on it,if you have the owners manual on this car it will show exactly where the fuse is located for the windows other wise you,ll have to pull fuses until you find the bad one,and if you don't find any blown fuses it may be the relay that has gone out on it and its located in the relay center on this one,good luck with it hope this helps.

    Source(s): been a certified mechanic for 36 yrs.
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  • 1 decade ago

    If your window won't work and you think it is the fuse you are probably wrong. They usually have a breaker not a fuse and if the window doesn't work it is probably the switch or the window regulator.

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