Is there a airport in Hameenlinna, Finland?

If there is not is there a city less than 1 hour away that has an airport? Please help me!!!! And if you can find the price for one adult and one child that would be GREAT!!!!!

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    Airports Closest to Hameenlinna wud be below.

    Tampere-Pirkkala Airport 40.2 miles.

    Helsinki-Vantaa Airport 60.2 miles

    Tallinn Ulemiste Airport 106.7 miles

    Seinajoki Ilmajoki Airport 128.5 miles

    Kokkola/Pietarsaari Kruunupyy Airport 200.3 miles

    Unfortunately there isnt an airport in Hameenlinna but above is the ones close to it,so ure best best wud be Tempere-Pirkkala one.Hope that helps u out a bit!Cheers! :)

    **fellow swede

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    There isn't an airport in Hämeenlinna (at least a commercial one). Most flights that come to finland use Helsinki-Vantaa airport. You can take a bus or a taxi to railway station in Helsinki. Form there a train to Hämeenlinna (1h- 10 30min depending on type of train) Price is 22.80€ or 26.10€. Some flights land in Tampere, where a taxi to railway station and train to Hämeenlinna (<1h) and price is 22.40€.

    Info on trains got to

    (english version of

    and also check

    it should have pretty much all the timetables you need.

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    No, there is no airport in Hameenlinna; the closest commercial airport seems to be at Hyvinkaa, but I could not find the local timetable. As for the fare - it would greatly help, if you wrote FROM WHERE.

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    The best one is probably Helsinki-Vantaa. You find more information on the official website:

    It is about 90km from Hämeenlinna. The journey takes just over an hour with a bus. More information:


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