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R and S regulars?

Who is your favorite R and S regular?

Who is your least favorite R and S regular?

Which regulars would you pick to represent each faith or non faith?

Which regular would you like to have a cup of coffee with?

I hope you are all having a good day and it's going your way :)

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    Who is your favorite R and S regular?

    I think I ended up making it a little too obvious, and as such ended up getting teased. Acid Zebra.

    Who is your least favorite R and S regular?

    Don't have a least favorite regular (I like all the regulars).... I do dislike the trolls, clones, and stalkers though.

    Which regulars would you pick to represent each faith or non faith?

    Atheist--Acid Zebra

    Asatru--Hildulf or Morgorond


    Satanist--Grim Jack

    Hellenic Pagan--Squishy

    Celtic Pagan--Kallan

    Muslim-- That'd have to be you, Proud Muslimah.

    Christian-- Sèimerthyr

    Wicca-- Prairie Crow


    Hindu--Heron by the Sea


    Which regular would you like to have a cup of coffee with? Any of my friends on here. But in particular: You, Pangel, Laptop Jesus, Godzilla, etc...

    I'd have included Squishy in there too, but I get the impression he likes Jim Beam better then coffee.

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    I try not to pick favorites.

    I also try not to pick least favorites. ;)

    There's so many great people in here, that I have to agree with sitting down with just about anybody for coffee (can we make it espresso? maybe with some Baileys, or Kahluha? Nonono, not first thing in the morning. Just one condition, everyone's gotta respect each other's beliefs, and where we're going after it's all done is an off-limits discussion topic.

    *goes to start some coffee*

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    1 decade ago

    I like all of the bridge builders. We are in an international forum. We have the ability to contact each other directly bypassing the hateful propaganda that we all know exists. Most of the people worldwide of every belief are telling the truth when they say that they oppose terrorism and wars of aggression. I like that many people are using this forum in ways that seem much more productive than ridiculous ideological wars. As far as coffee goes, i am having coffee with all of you right now. The only reason i am not naming specific individuals is that there are too many kind people for me to name them all. Peace be with you.

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    1 decade ago

    I would like to have a cup of coffee with all of you....wait thats will be 10 cups of coffee...oh dear!

    Everyone is the representative of their faith...and by sayings actually show how they carry their faith around.

    And there is no least favorite, I love everyone here, good or bad!!!! because they make my day everyday!

    added: Lawrence left out can that be!!!!

    added2nd: I know that....the 'someone very dear' is her, we know!!! hehehe!!!

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    1- You and by any means necessary, Pangel, TS, Azrael, and someone who's really dear "Wruuuuuuuuuuuf". plus everyone on my contact list.

    2- None.

    3- I'd Pick David M for christians, You for Muslims.

    4- I'd like to have a cup of coffe with "By any Means Necessary" (The girl in mind, don't be jelous, wuf)

    I didn't leave habayeb, TS, I'm after her till I die.. Just trying to show that "I don't care", Wruf!

  • 1 decade ago

    This make me all snuffly because I don't have just ONE favorite, and I don't do the "least favorite" thing because I don't like stirring a hornet's nest, thereby generating more anger than already comes from them.

    I'd enjoy a cup of any beverage with any of the wonderful people I chat w/ regularly in here.


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    1 decade ago

    -Alot: You, terry g, Rafael, Salahuldin, Ace, TS, Mikael ( Hope I didn’t forget anybody).

    - Too much ( Prefer not to mention names, as I am against spreading hatred and misunderstandings. At least, I don’t want to be like them.).

    *- Christians: David M, Pangel, Eds.

    I respect everydody else, sorry if I can’t recall names of people of other beliefs.

    - All of the tolerant and peaceful participants.. Love you all :D

    Source(s): Sweet question..
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    I don't have a favorite I have a network of contacts and fans. I sometimes click on their icons and answer the same questions.There are a few on my personal watch list but I can't tell you their names. I am ready to leave for Church! Be blessed!

  • 1 decade ago

    I can't remember names... I like everybody. I'd love to go out for coffee with pretty much everybody here cuz I think your all great. I kinda have a crush on a few girls, which happen to profess that they are Moslem, so I don't think it'll work out... but I'm all for the pagan cuties.

  • Anonymous
    1 decade ago

    1. Azrael, nice guy.

    2. You... I'm sorry but it's true... Meaning Proud Muslimah.

    3. Muslims: Azrael

    Christians: Jinglish

    Atheists: Zero C00l, or Laptop Jesus

    Hindus: ???

    Buddhists: ???

    Jews: ???

    Scientologists: You've got to be kidding me.

    4. Azrael.

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