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Who won the fight of Pac-man &solis ASAP reply?

I really need to know who won I was unable to watch the fight for urgencies......pls. if you also include details it would mostly be appreciated...

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    Pacquio won by knockout in the 8th round. Pacquiao knocked Solis down in the 8th round, and he got up before the count of 10, but then Pacquiao sent him to the floor again within seconds, then the referee stopped the fight.

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    Manny Pacquiao Knocks Solis Silly in Texas

    The Alamodome in San Antonio, Texas was the scene of two unforeseen upsets on the undercard, but Manny Pacquiao (44-3-2, 32 KOs) came up big as expected by knocking out undefeated Jorge Solis (32-1-2, 1 ND, 23 KOs) of Mexico in eight rounds.

    Solis had a very awkward style and gave Pacquiao trouble for the first few rounds by dodging a lot of his punches. The fight was fought on even terms until a clash of heads opened up a cut on the left eyebrow of Pacquiao. Once Pacquiao was cut, he became very aggressive and landed several power punches that had Solis in trouble. To his credit, Solis made it out of the round to get punished some more.

    In the eight round, a combination of punches that were punctuated by a right uppercut sent Solis down. He barely beat the count and was quickly sent down for the second time in the round after Pacquiao fired off another combination of power shots. This time Solis was unable to make it to his feet as the referee reached the count of ten.

    Source(s): By Sammy Rozenberg
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    Pacquiao won, but it was pretty boring the first few rounds. He couldn't find his range and couldn't dish out his power punches cause Solis kept him at bay with his long jabs and rapid head movements. It looked like Solis was gonna last til the 12th round until he ran outta gas sometime during the 6th and 7th round and decided to stand in front of Pacman and try to slug it out probably thinking the cut in Pacman's left eye due to an unintentional headbutt gave him an opening. Then Pacman's punches began to take it's toll and Solis got saved by the bell in the 7th round but fell to the canvas twice in the opening seconds of the 8th before the ref decided he'd had enough.

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    Pacquiao won in 8th round. Pacman stunned Solis with some headshots forcing the Mexican to backup to the ropes. Pac followed it up with a pair of uppercuts that sent Sol down lying on his back. Solis made the 8-count but Pacman jumped on him, taking him down again. Solis tried to get up but didn't make it this time.

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    PAC-MAN won. He won at 8 rounds. Solis was tko. Solis fell three times during the fight. Twice during 3rd round.

    Pac-man got headbutt by Solis. Solis did a below the belt punch.


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    mannnny pacquio wooon!!! lucky round 8! solis went to ground twice and was not able to beat up the referee's count down.

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