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Your collaboration is important to create a community that challenges the rules of the game and transform the way of business. We know that you can make a difference and also benefit from it. Help us push Openbravo forward!

Our open source vision...

We as individuals and as a company embrace the collaborative spirit embodied by open source, and are convinced of the transformative power it has. We have experienced it ourselves during the past years and we don't want to give up now. That's why we want to put as few limits as possible, sharing our work unambiguously:

Core license based on MPL to give you the maximum number of alternatives, including the possibility to develop non-open source derivative works.

No hidden lock-ins. We are confident in our ability to deliver first-class, cost-efficient services.

Open sharing of documentation, technical and functional, which is released under a Creative Commons license.

Openbravo is a pure web-based extended ERP for SMEs (Small and Midsize Enterprises). This web-based extended ERP solution includes robust functionalities allowing for the management of procurement, warehouse, projects, manufacturing, sales and financials. Basic CRM (Customer Relationship Management) and BI (Business Intelligence) are built in as well.

Products, components, bills of materials, customers, vendors, etc.

The correct management of the master data of your company (products, customers, vendors, etc.) is a fundamental aspect for guaranteeing the coherence and tracking of processes. Maintaining exclusive coding, avoiding duplications and sharing the relevant information among all areas of your company is one of the challenges faced today by all types and sizes of organizations. Openbravo helps you to organize and centralize the key data of your company, facilitating the rapid and easy flow of information between all areas implicated in the different company processes.

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    您的合作是重要創造質詢比賽規則的社區并且變換事務方式。 我們知道您能產生變化並且受益於它。 幫助我們抓緊進行Openbravo!


    我們,因為個體和,因為公司接受開放來源實現的合作精神和它有的被說服變化的力量。 我們體驗了它我們自己在過去年期間,并且我們不想要現在放棄。 所以我們想要投入作為少量極限儘可能,毫不含糊地分享我們的工作:


    沒有暗藏的封鎖行動。 我們對我們的能力是確信提供頭等,費用高效率的服務。 開放分享文獻,技術和功能,被發布根據一個創造性的共同性執照。 Openbravo是純淨的基於互聯網的延長的ERP為SMEs (小和中等大小企業)。 這種基於互聯網的延長的ERP解答包括健壯功能考慮到獲得、倉庫、項目、製造業、銷售和財政的管理。 基本的CRM (顧客關係管理)和雙(商業情報)被修造。產品、組分、用料清單,顧客、供營商等等。


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