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Where to have long term parking around San Jose Airport,CA?

I will park my car for around 10 days, so can some one please tell me where is the cheapest place to park around San Jose Airport area?


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    Long term parking at San Jose Airport is $15/day. The road to the lot goes around the end of the runway because the lot is on the opposite side of the runway as the terminals near De La Cruz. The shuttle bus goes to all the stops inside the lot so it could be a while before you get a shuttle on departure. Be sure to write down your bus stop or you could have trouble finding your car on return.

    You can get off-airport parking for less. $8/day is typical, but you may get lower with discount coupons.

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    SJC has long term parking. Rates are reasonable and they have shuttle from parking lot to the airport terminals every 20 mins.

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    uncertain what your budget is yet why no longer see approximately parking at long term Parking at SFO?? this is risk-free and you may take Bart into the city. in any different case with highway cleansing it might desire to be demanding having to bypass your automobile. Plus some neighborhoods have law enforcement officers tagging the automobile if it hasn't circulate then cost ticket it or tow it.

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