Child Endangerment Laws in Iowa? What is considered and what can be done?

I asked this under a differant area....A couple and 3 kids driving down the HWY going 65 and the passanger tried multiple times to jump out of the car. The driver than places the passanger in a choke hold. The driver shortly after pulls the car over on the HWY and gets the kids out and starts walking. The children have mentioned sometimes not eating supper and having to wait till morning to eat when with the non costodial parent. Also, the kids don't have seperate beds when they are there. The couple fights around kids all the time. Kids are told not to tell custodial parent otherwise they get yelled at and punished. What can be done? Is this child endangerment and neglect? DHS was contacted and they are going to make a house check but said that it was all minimum things. I don't know what the laws are. Any advice? The custodial parent!


Just to respond I did go to social services with my concerns they told me it was all minimal. I want to know if at all what else can I do. I love my kids and don't want them around this anymore. :(

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    you go back to court have have the parenting plan revised to limit the time the kids spend over there you have the kids wright a letter to the court explaining what happens in the house

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    Generally, these are not sufficiently dangerous activities on an ongoing basis to fall under most states' child endangement laws. It may be grounds to revist the custody arrangement, and get the court to change visitation rights. But that is a separate civil (family court) matter.

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    I would say endangerment, neglect and abuse. I don't know what can be done but something really needs to help those poor little kids

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    give social services a ring if you are concerned.

    at the very least it is child indangerment and neglect, no harm can come from simply careing

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    1 decade ago

    Try social services again

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