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Question about America and Israel...?

Why is America always supporting Israel and what does that do for Americas reputation?

Pardon my ignorance. I am just starting to research.

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    Everyone before me wrote answers that contribute to America's support of Israel, but the true reason is business. Israel has a higher GNP (Gross National Product) than Syria, Lebanon, Iraq, Palestine, and Afghanistan COMBINED. If you were to list all the countries in the world from largest geographically to smallest. Israel would rank over 100th. Yet they have the 20th highest GNP in the world. Jews are incredible businessmen.

    Most Liberals in Europe and the Muslims in the Middle East dislike Israel because Israel is willing to go to war for just about any infringement on their people. They don't take crap from anyone.

    The Israel / Lebanese conflict last year helped show that Israel was willing to go to war if their soldiers were kidnapped. Plus, the kidnappers were members of Hamas, a group classified by the UN as a terrorist organization, whom Lebanon allows to operate on their soil. Even after a cease fire was signed last year, Hamas was still firing rockets into Israel from Lebanon.

    Liberal Westerners think that since Israel is so far beyond the economic and social standards of the rest of the middle east, that they should be more willing to use diplomacy instead of rushing into conflicts that destroy human life. They feel sorry for the countries all around Israel, which are all overwhelmingly Muslim.

    At the end of WWII, the Jews were given the land that we now call Israel to establish a Jewish State. Muslims were upset because that land was taken from them. In Israel's defense, WWII showed that Jews weren't exactly welcome in Europe.

    Liberals in Europe see the United States' support of Israel as unfair, because of the massive military support. But if the US stopped supporting Israel, the Muslim countries around the Mid East would anihilate Israel.

    The president of Iran, Mahmoud Ahmadinejad, has been quoted as saying that Israel "should be wiped off the map."

    Israel is also one of the only countries on Earth with Nuclear weapons, which actually helps to stabilize the hostilities against it. Israel would be willing to use nukes also. They will defend themselves at all cost. You can't fault them for that.

    The true choice comes down to whether people support Israel or the Muslims.

    In my opinion, Israel is one of the only countries in the Mid East that has it's act together. It is the only one that provides for itself, democratically rules itself, and is willing to do what is nessesary to defeat Islamic fundamentalism. Some people dislike that because they don't want killing, and Israel is willing to kill to protect its people.

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    Israel is the only democracy in the entire middle east. They have a government similar in structure to the British and they have total freedom in terms of speech, written word, TV, etc.

    All countries that are basically Muslim do not have free speech and are dictated by Islamic law rather than a people's constitution. The USA and Israel are very close in terms of exchanging technical, medical and generally almost all information. Much of the USA's computer software has been designed in Israel. Israel is surrounded by Muslim states which want to remove Israel from the face of the earth. If Israel is attacked then the Israelis will fight like bloody hell and they will probably have the support of the USA.

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    There is a political reason. First, the Jewish vote in America is a big bloc of voters, if a politician gets these voters mad, they don't get the vote, and the other guy does (think of 2 for 1 difference in results.) That is the biggest factor.

    A much smaller factor, is that as a result of backing of Isreal on every count and buying them arms etc, they have one good friend in a bad area, and this friend has muscle. Also , bases could be used in Isreal by American Forces or missle batteries, when kicked out of other countries in the region.

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    Great question. During the Clinton administration Republicans won control of the congress because of huge Evangelical Christian support, and money from Israeli and Jewish lobbyists in Washington D.C.

    This ultimately led to support for Israel. In the days of the first Bush Administration America was seen as a legitimate and credible negotiator in the Israel-Palestinian conflict because it didn't take sides, and in fact the first Bush even froze financial assets of Israeli interests here at home. That changed with a new President and a new congress. America is a nation of immigrants, and a lot of them are Jewish. If our leaders don't appease them they run the risk of losing elections. Brings to mind Winston Churchill's saying about democracy "its one of the worst political systems ever conceived, but a little bit better than all the other ones".

    Sad to say American government is for sale, all it takes is the right price.

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      i think the book by john Loftus, " The Secret War Against the Jews, How Western Espionage Failed the Jewish People" can shed a little light on the answer to this. ^-*

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    you must senior in college.

    Israel was form after the ww2 .

    before theU.N. ink was dried Syrians and the Egyptians

    and their neighbors attacked. them .

    with the help of American arms they kicked their

    over 40 yrs they continued to win and give back the lands.

    all the other counties in that area are run by dictators.

    Egypt has gone to a vote for there government.

    Source(s): without our support the would have been over run. this a country earned our support. they carry their weight
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    I totally agree with you...i heard an answer to this question that Isreal is the only "democracy" in that region but i hardly doubt that's the reason the U.S supports Isreal. To me it doesn't make sense that we're supporting one country and turning the rest of the region against us...there's a whole issue behind this that the American people dont know...

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      there is definitely more than meets the eye going on-

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    For one, they are the only Democracy there, 2, we had a part in their founding, 3, they have remained a good ally.

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    Research how much money the AIPAC (American Israeli Political Action Committee) donates to American congress men and women.

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    Are you surrounded by MANIACS who want to DESTROY you and your family's?? if not then you have no right to ask that question. and they are an our "FRIEND'S" not like you "A" JUDAS.

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    starting research, or showing your racist streak??

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