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What is a good slot machine strategy?

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    Try to find the ones where you can bet 3 coins at a time. I personally like the $1.00 slots where it's $3.00 a time. Bet the may get down around $100.00 but eventually you will will. I always win about $300 with this strategy. The red, white and blue slots are the best. I've also had luck with triple diamonds. Good Luck!

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    Having worked over 12 years in the casino biz, I will offer the cold, hard truth. Slot machines are run by RNG's (random number generators). I will not go into detail about how the RNG works, just that slot machines are random. There is no way to predict if the next spin will be a winner or a loser. Even the casino doesn't know. In the long run the casino will come out ahead. I promise you that. But in the short term the player can and often does win. There is no skill involved in playing a slot machine. You can't outguess the computer. In your example, you got lucky in the short term. You played for 2 hours and won. Then you lost it back. The machine was not set to max out at $38. You could have won the top jackpot. Switching machines wouldn't have changed your expected result either. There are hundreds of slot "strategies" out there. But I can assure you none of them work. There is no way to overcome the house edge in the long run. You can, however, limit your losses by playing higher payback machines...and playing enough coins to cover all the paylines (on multi-line games). If there was a way to predict slot payouts, I wouldn't have had such a good paying job for so long!

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    Decide how much you can safely afford to lose, and then go have fun playing the slots. Slot machines are the Bread & Butter of casinos-- they just rake in the dough with slots.

    Playing slot machines can be fun once in a while. Don't think you are going to hit big-- but if you win a little and lose a little, you're having fun. And maybe, just maybe you WILL hit.

    You can't win if you don't play.

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    I have always been successful by watching people play certain slot machines for a long time without winning. Then, when they leave, I leave, too. I find that I loose very little money this way.

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    Play one that someone has put a lot of money in. When the little old lady up and leaves. Swoop in and play. Eventually you'll always lose those......... Don't risk more then your willing to lose, but no risk no reward. Good Luck, enjoy the free drinks!

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    Buy your own machine. Throw lots of parties for your friends. Let them play - you have the KEY!

  • There is none. Play any other game than slots.

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    I agree with lucky b on this one.

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    Put your cash in and say BYE BYE MONEYS

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    pull the handle and say "win win win!" XD

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