Anyone been on holiday to Lanzarote?

We are going to Lanzarote for 2 weeks at the end of June. We've never been abroad before (I've never even flown) and wondered if anyone had been, what's it like there and what sort of things will I need to take. I also have 4 small children aged between 7 & 3 and don't know what I should take for them.? We're staying in Costa Teguise and wondered if anyone can tell me what its like? Has anyone stayed in the Barcelo Lanzarote before? Will it be nice and hot at this time of year? I know I sound stupid with all these questions but its only 9 week away and I'm panicking!!!Help!

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    First of all, calm down :)

    Lanzarote is one of the great places for a family holiday, 4 hours flight (always quicker) and normally sunshine every day.

    As said, bring plenty of suncream for the kids.

    The Island is full of things for you all to do, loads of trips and activities to go on and the kids will love it all.

    I wont comment on Costa Teguise to much as personally I just don't like the place, it's spread out a lot making it a bit more difficult to get around (even more so with 4 kids).

    I live in Puerto del Carmen so to me it is the best resort, it's also the main resort over here and offers plenty for the family (as all resorts do).

    For things to do look at the site listed below, it's packed full of information on Lanzarote including many of the attractions where you can have a family day out (Rancho texas through the day should be a winner for you)

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    Hi i have been to lanzarote 3 times before, its a lovely place to visit. Be sure to pack plenty of suncream and while you are there only drink bottled water, dont worry though there are plenty of supermarkets. I stayed in puerto del carmen which isnt very far from Costa Teguise but it is the more lively area. Costa Teguise is famous for its market, be sure to check that out.

    Have you found the hotels web?

    Also check out some reviews

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