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how to improve education system in india?

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    "faltu" how sweet!!

    i seldom get to see hindi words... :)

    but in my opinion, our education needs to improve on the practical side..we read a lot of things based on just books...i mean we have more of a theoretical knowledge.

    take an example of myself...i am pursuing my graduation in commerce line...i would like to work in an institution on a training that i could get used to what i am studying in reality. but as a student of india i am more worried about my marks and percentages that i don't want to lag behind doing something different.

    so even though india produces the best students ...we tend to know less about practical knowledge.

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    1. Faltu teachers should be Pakistan

    2. Text books should be world class.

    3. Teachers should be tested just like students yearly.

    4. Government interference should be abolished.

    5. Hiring of teachers should be done by an independent panel

    of retired educationists.

    6. Private coaching should be banned.

    7. There should be a dress code.

    8. Religious considerations, dalit reservations etc political crap should be removed from schools.

    9. The ration of male and female student should be 50/50 %

    10. Strikes should be banned.

    11. Only scholars should represent the student body in the student unions.

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    Remove "faltu"(useless) teachers.I am in this field and I know teachers who dont know simple spellings!

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    get good teachers... pay them more so that they're more motivated... or say, "if you show better results... we'll pay you more..." basically the better they work, the more cash they get.

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