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Looking for a certain song?

I was tryin to think of the name or artist of a song. It was about a guy who saw an ad in the paper for an old car, apprently a very nice old car, but the asking price of the seller was so low that he couldn't believe it. So he goes to the woman's house to check it out and finds out that the reason it was being sold for such a low price was that it was her exboyfriends car and she's trying to get back at him for hurting her by selling his car for practically nothing. So if you happen to know the title and or artist that would be fantastic. Thank you,


Sorry, its not the one by John McCutcheon, I believe in the song he begins to date the lady who sings it. I can't think of any lyrics...but I know its not the John McCutcheon one.

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    There are several versions of this song-- it's an old joke. The one I know is done by John McCutcheon:

    The Red Corvette

    words & music by John McCutcheon

    One morning while reading the paper

    In search of a new set of wheels

    The classifieds had a most curious ad

    In their listing of automobiles

    I read in suspicious amusement

    What seemed like a wild stroke of luck

    "Corvette Stingray," it said, "low mileage, bright red,

    "'83 model, 65 bucks."

    I was used to my newspaper's typos,

    Still I called up that number straightway

    "'Bout that '83 'Vette: have you sold that thing yet?"

    She said, "No, you're my first call today."

    I said, "There's been some mistake in the paper,

    "They've printed the price wrong somehow."

    "Oh no," replied she, "they got that from me."

    I said, "Don't sell that thing, I'm leaving now!"

    Her address was in part of the city

    Where I'd ventured just one time or two

    Where the doctors, bank presidents, and lawyers are residents

    And the houses are massive and new

    And as I turned up her half-mile driveway

    There in the cool of the day

    In the sunlight it gleemed: the car of my dreams

    Just $65 away

    The interior was done in white leather

    It had a 587 V-8

    Gull-wing-span doors, Hurst four on the floor

    And the 8-channel tape deck was great

    There was chrome on the chrome on the fenders,

    An aerodynamic design

    A bar, a TV, and it was boggling to me

    That for 65 bucks it was mine

    Now I expected that this woman was crazy

    To sell off this car at that price

    But as we walked down the lane she seemed perfectly sane

    She was charming and really quite nice

    And she smiled in such great satisfaction

    As she handed me title and keys

    I said, "I've just got to know why you've let this thing go

    "What's wrong with this car? Tell me please!"

    Says she, "I'll be 60 come Tuesday

    "And I've lived here with my husband, Earl.

    "Well, after 30 years wed and without a word said

    "He left me for a young teenage girl.

    "But with his credit cards left here behind him,

    "I knew that he couldn't get far.

    "Last night from Florida he sent a wire to me:

    "Said, 'I need money, dear, sell the car!'"

    �1986 by John McCutcheon. Published by Appalsongs (ASCAP).

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    Oh, I am so sorry! I don't know that one do know some of the lyrics? That could help.

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