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who will win tomorrow? the pacman or jorge solis of mexico?


and why do you think so?

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    Manny "The Pacman" Pacquiao will win for sure. We'll see how good Solis's chin is. Manny will win by KO or by scorecard. Manny is more complete boxer now than he is last year, Freddie Roach and Fortune has tuned Pacquiao to be a complete boxer. Stamina, Defence, Offence (Manila Ice) on both hands, Devastating Left, Speed and Agilty and also much much smarter than he was many years ago. Thanks to his fight against Barrera and Marques.

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    i'm glad you asked this question it shows me that there still are a lot of boxing fans across the globe. you want an honest opinion? i think the pacman will win the fight around the 5th or sixth round.

    first, i think so because of the talent, speed and power that pacman has on both hands (not just one)

    second, he is not just a hungry fighter but he is also a very hungry experienced fighter. and whats more he is filipino.

    the other guy is tall but pacman has fought much taller foes than him.

    even though the other guy has zero losses (which says a lot) he still isn't matched for the pacman who has fought nearly everyone in and around his wieght class. pacquiao has fought all top boxers in his weight class and has defeated all of them.

    jorge solis is good but Emmanuel "manny" Pacquiao is better.

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    Pacman is a Filipino. Solis is a Mexican..........Pacquiao is the Mexican killer.

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    solis hes my uderdog pick u just wait an see!!!!!

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