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Voluntary Work

問卷調查--------Voluntary Work






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    1. When did you start committing voluntary work?

    2. What was the kind of your first job?

    3. How did you find out your first voluntary work?

    4. How many times have you been doing volunteer work?

    5. What have you learned just from your first experience of being a volunteerer?

    6. Why would you carry on doing volunteer after the first experience?

    7. Have you ever thought of giving up volunteering?

    8. If yes, what made you think that? if no, how could you stay so strong about your condition?

    9. Why did you start volunteering?

    10. Do you see yourself differently, as a volunteerer, when compare to those who are not?

    11. What was your most unforgettable experience of doing voluntary work?

    12. how would you encourage other people to become volunteering?(should be the final question)

    13. So what have you learnt after commiting all these voluntary works?

    14, How does your family see voluntary works?

    15. Have they ever been objecting you?

    16. Has anyone around you became a volunteerer because of you?

    17. What field of voluntary work you want to do in the future?

    18. What and how are the things that learnt from your voluntary work can help you in the future?

    19. What is the voluntary work you currently doing?

    20. What do you think would be a reason for you to stop volunteering if any?

    these questions are not in order, try to do it yourself. i think if go to past -> present -> future -> encourage people, this order will be fine~~


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