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Historically, Japanese have not favored housing in the central areas of cities, perhaps as a result of the possessiveness toward land shown in both the public and private sectors. As a result of the recent recession, however, there has been a rapid rise in office space vacancies in central areas. We need to face up to that reality and consider how new housing might improve the situation.

I once lived in a small room near Fifth Avenue and 44th Street in the middle of New York. A considerable number of high-class, high-rise apartment buildings stand in the vicinity of Central Park in Manhattan, and the nighttime population is by on means small.

I have also lived in Montparnasse in Paris. There too the upper floors of buildings often accommodate apartments or ateliers, many with skylights. Cafes such as Le Dome and La Coupole are the haunts of artists day and night. In short, the neighborhood is a real community.

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    歷史上來說日本人並不熱衷市中心的住屋,也許是源於對公私有土地擁有控制權的結果。 然而近年來的衰退,造成市中心辦公室空屋的激增。 我們必須面對現實並考慮新的住屋如何可以改善現況。




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