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Main article: Bundeswehr

Germany's military, the Bundeswehr, is a defence force with Heer (Army), Marine (Navy), Luftwaffe (Air Force), Zentraler Sanitätsdienst (Central Medical Services) and Streitkräftebasis (Joint Service Support Command) branches. Military Service is compulsory for men at the age of 18, and conscripts serve nine-month tours of duty (conscientious objectors may instead opt for an equal length of Zivildienst (roughly translated as civilian service), or a longer commitment to (voluntary) emergency services like a fire department, the Red Cross or the THW). In 2003, military spending constituted 1.5% of the country's GDP.[25] In peacetime, the Bundeswehr is commanded by the Minister of Defence, currently Franz Josef Jung. If Germany went to war, which according to the constitution is allowed only for defensive purposes, the Chancellor would become commander in chief of the Bundeswehr.[26]

As of October 2006, the German military had almost 9,000 troops stationed in foreign countries as part of various international peacekeeping forces, including 1,180 troops stationed in Bosnia-Herzegovina; 2,844 Bundeswehr soldiers in Kosovo; 750 soldiers stationed as a part of EUFOR in the Democratic Republic of the Congo; and 2,800 German troops in the NATO-led ISAF force in Afghanistan. As of February 2007, Germany had about 3000 ISAF troops in Afghanistan, the third largest contingent after the United States (14000) and the United Kingdom (5200).[27]

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    主旨:Bundeswehr 德國聯邦國防軍

    德國聯邦國防軍(德語稱Bundeswehr),是一支由陸、海、空三軍及中央醫療單位與聯合後勤支援單位共同組成的防衛性武力。男性年滿十八歲即有服兵役的義務,須受徵召服役九個月(役男也可以選服役期等長的民間替代役(德語稱Zivildienst),或選擇在消防隊、紅十字會或聯邦政府災難救援組織等急難救助單位擔任長期志工)。二00三年德國軍事預算支出佔國內生產毛額的百分之一點五。﹝25﹞承平時期,德國聯邦國防軍受國防部長指揮,現任部長為Franz Josef Jung;惟一旦德國捲入戰事,國防軍則由聯邦總理擔任統帥,依據憲法規定,德國僅能因防衛性目的參戰。﹝26﹞


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