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哪位大大能幫我把自我介紹翻成英文嗎? 很急!!! (20點)


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    I am a XXX, this year is 18 years old, the house lives XXXXXX, attending a XX senior high school now.I have two distinguishing features that take it as an honour most , the first:As long as I affirm to want to do of matter, I would certainly with all strength with pay, don't reaching a target will never give up.The second:Is concerning my mathematics, get to senior high school from the elementary school, mathematics has been my strong item, learning to measure me to take this year 12 class cent, also attended the mathematics examination of the AMC12, but because of my experience shortage, so the result isn't outstanding.My interest is an exercise, liking that kind of the feeling that writes freely with classmate on the stadium a sweat, odd moment, I also often immerse to sink in music world, putting aside my pressure on the lessons with music.Attended the Zi work camp last year, the senior introduced program design are best to play a strong website of miraculous function with a lot of networks, make my impression very very deep, founded me having very great interest to the software, network more, so hoped with all sincerity the teachers can give me this chance into an expensive department, letting my dream in this hover!

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