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Why do black people have big lips, whites different colors of hair and eyes, and asians oval eye lids?

I've always wondered why each race has unique features from the neck up. I know that it's genetic, just want to know why these features would be helpful for each race. Oh yea, and why are there different colors of skin, I know it's because of the type of pigment, but why are people white, black, brown, and yellow. I understand each race originated from different regions on the earth, I'm guessing the differences is directly related. Educated and funny answers only please :D.

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    So called yellow skin from Asians is due to high keratin content in skin. Dark skin is from melanin which absorbs ultraviolet light. which is potentially very damaging to skin. Blacks have lots of melanin to protect themselves from tropical sun. Their lips are relatively big but perhaps you could argue whites are relatively small. It is probably due to sexual preference. Different colors of hair and skin are generally due to different environments. Sunny hotter ones obviously require darker skin. Asians (Chinese type) have extra fold of fat on their eyelid probably as a protection from the cold in the high Himalayas of Tibet where the race originated. It can be generalized that the different races on earth developed in different environments and the features that make them different are generally related to environmental factors. Masai are tall and skinny to increase surface area in hot climate. Eskimos are robust to reduce surface area in the Artic. Sorry no funny answers but I think they are correct.

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    Big Black Lips

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    It's the stereotypes in our race depending where you live. Originally we all had black hair. Over time a mutation came which made blue eyes and blonde hair. Then the gene traits are passed to children. People have different skin color based on the area they live around the world.

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    Well you see some people think it has something to do with the which nationality comes from the line of the sons of Noah, Shem(semitic=Jews/asians) Ham(Hamitic=black people) and Japethic(Japhetic=Caucasian) in religious sense but in scientifically is geography and climates, each race was individual with their own unique trait until migrations, this lead to changing climates the rave has already adapted to and interbreeding with other races and so on, some theorist believe it was chemicals

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    It is due to climate and geography.. given no further mixing of races, migrations, etc. All people in North America will look like Native Americans in 10,000 years (How's that for Geronimo's last laugh), all South Africans will be uniformly black, people living in Hawaii will look like Don Ho etc. it's an adaptation to environment. Of couse we have an interconnected world these days so who knows what we'll look like that far into the future.

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    its the origin of the ppl that effect how they look. your body needs to be able to adapt to an enviroment in order to live.

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    This is a result of these populations being separated and non-inter breeding for a long period of time. Species characteristics "drift" over time which means they gradually change possibly as an adaption to environmental differences. It happens to all species that have populations that get separated.

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    It is due adaptation. Like or example in Africa, life is kinda difficult and hot so they have black skin to protect themself from UV, Thick lips so that it won't be wounded when they eat hard foods, kinky hair to trap air in order to cool them off, thick, bigger noses to humidify the air before it enters the lung. Hope this answers some of it....

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