I need a anchor's speech?

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i mean im selected as the anchor in my coll for the college day ..so how can i organize it..can anybody help.im good at english and can talk fluently
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I've been a communication and public speaking instructor for a long time...You ask a big question, but I'll give you the short version answer that should help. All speeches have things in common so I'll outline them for you:

1. Introduction: Good attention getter like a quote. Preview of your main points. Transition into the body of the speech.

2. Body: The body of a speech normally has 3 to 4 parts but that can vary plus or minus one depending on length of the speech and how long each part. Probably this speech is short and should summarize as you are the anchor so I think you should consider how long you have to talk, what you want to say or should say, and begin making an outline starting with the above introduction componets.

3. Conclusion: Conclusions to speeches should summarize, review, and end the speech with a strong note of finality other than "Thank You", this is one of the most common ways to end and weakest as it demonstrates not creativity and carries no momenteum. Try ending on a quote.

Speeches in their simplest form have four areas to consider. The content of the speech, the delivery, the audience, and the environment. Practice your speech at least 6 to 10 times, timing yourself to be sure it's not too long or short. When you are sick of practicing cause you have it down so well, then you're probably ready.

Delivery: Don't read your speech but use an outline to speak what is called extemperaneously...You can look that word up on a search for more good tips on the internet.


for good quotes go to: www.motivationalquotes.com
for speech tips if you want more than i provided look up extemperaneous speech tips
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