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How can I stop receiving spam e-mail from various yahoo mail accounts?

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    Can I block junk mail with filters?

    Well, to do that you would have to know the sender’s address. And if you do know the sender’s address, your best bet is to use Yahoo! Mail’s Block Address function. You can find it by clicking Options in the upper right corner of your Mail page. Under Spam, click Spam Protection.

    Yahoo! Mail makes it easy to block unwanted messages from a known address. It's just as easy to remove the block if you want to.

    Here's how to add a block to an email address:

    Click Options in the upper-right corner of your Yahoo! Mail page.

    From the list on the left, click Spam.

    In the middle of this page, in the space provided in the "Blocked Addresses" section, enter the email address from which you don't want to receive mail.

    Click Add.

    The address now appears on your list of blocked addresses.

    Yahoo! Mail offers up to 500 blocked email addresses. You can see how many of your blocked addresses you're using beside the list – for example, “4 of 500 used”.

    You can also un-block addresses whenever you want.

    To remove a block from an address:

    From the Blocked Addresses list, click the address you wish to remove.

    Click Remove beside your the Blocked Addresses list.

    After removing an address from your Blocked Addresses list, you'll be able to receive mail from that address.

    This isn't a great way to deal with spam, though, because spammers keep changing their From address and other information. For that, we offer SpamGuard.

    We're committed to eliminating spam—eyuck! And you've got great tools to help keep spam out of your Inbox.

    Yahoo! SpamGuard

    Keep Yahoo! SpamGuard turned on. To check if it’s on:

    Click Options in the upper-right corner of your Mail page.

    Click Spam Protection from the list on the left.

    In the “Spam Filter” section, do you see “SpamGuard is ON”? If not, turn it on by clicking the link: Turn SpamGuard ON.

    In the area above your spam options, click Save Changes.

    In this same section, you can also specify how often you’d like us to empty your Bulk folder (we do it automatically once a month, but you have options to empty it faster), as well as indicating your preference for showing—or blocking—images. Image blocking is another way to fend off spam!

    Image Blocking

    Keep Image Blocking on. Image blocking defeats the “hits” spammers receive whenever one of their images is “viewed”—which can include the moment you select a spam message before you click Spam. Here’s how to block images:

    Click Options in the upper-right corner of your Mail page.

    Under Spam, click Spam Protection.

    At the bottom of the page—“Step 1 of 3: Spam Filter”—click Continue.

    At the bottom of the next page—“Step 2 of 3: Marking Messages as Spam or Not Spam”—click Continue.

    On “Step 3 of 3: Image Blocking”, select “Block all images”.

    The Spam button

    If you get a spam message in your Inbox, check the box beside it, then click Spam. This alerts us to the latest tricks and techniques that spammers are using, and helps us clamp down tighter and fight spam more effectively.

    If you change your mind or think you made a mistake, just look for the next message from that sender in your Bulk folder and click Not Spam to reverse your vote.

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    The upgraded Yahoo email accounts, one as inexpensive as $12 a year, provides a decent spam-filtering services.

    But somebody posted a message about this on this forum and received a good, comprehensive answer ... here is the link:

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    Just because an email shows that it is from a Yahoo account doesn't mean that it actually is. Spammers are very accomplished programmers, and they can make something look like something else.

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    use your "blocked sender" tab in the taskbar. highlight the spam and choose "block sender". all mail from that address should go straight to the delete file. do that for all spam you don't want to get.

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    check the box next to the message then click spam

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    block address frm mail options

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    1. Send them to your inbox

    2.check them off

    3. click as spam

    4. confirm as spam

    5. you wont get any email from these people again

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    We all would like to know. I have done all the above and still get them.

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    stop giving your email address to porn sites.

  • tell yahoo about it

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