Why is it important to know the population of a country?

I am collecting some ideas.So please do give me some opinions which might help me to do my project.Thank you very much!

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    The population of a country is used for several things:-

    1. taxation

    2.the building of public buildings ie schools hospitals etc.

    3. housing development

    4. future employment and where the deficits would be

    5. prevention of an economical slump

    6. infrastructure of a country ie roads bridges, dam, reservoirs public transport.

    7.the population of a country indirectly impacts on immigration from other countries.

    hope this helps

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    Many organizations (for example, the CIA in the United States) collect various statistics about the nations in the world. A large portion of these statistics are based on a country's population.

    For example, one of these statistics involves how much money the country has earned per person in a given year (the technical term for this is Per Capita Gross Domestic Product). A government may know how much money its country made, but without knowing the population of the country, it has no way of figuring out how much money that is per individual citizen.

    For more examples of these kinds of statistics, and to get more of an idea of how it's helpful to know a whole country's population, I recommend the CIA World Factbook, which is free and contains tons of information like this on every nation.

    You can find it here:


    Hope that was helpful!

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