What is a home mortgage?

What is it? And what are some of the terms associated with it? I still rent an apartment so when it comes time for me to take the next step I'd like to know what the lingo is. I've also heard the terms refinance and 2nd and 3rd mortgage, what do these mean?

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    A mortgage is the monies borrowed to finance a home.

    A refinance is when you own a home and want to find another lender with perhaps a better interest rate or a shorter or longer term.

    A 2nd mortgage is another loan taken out which takes the second position behind the 1st mortgage. A 3rd mortgage takes the 3rd position.

    Some lingo you will need to know is

    Good faith estimate. That is what your mortgage lender must tell you about the cost to finance your loan.

    Truth-in-lending statement, which tells you the amount you will pay over the life of the loan and what your Annual Percentage Rate (APR) is.

    Also, title insurance, protects you if the property has any previous ownership problems if you purchase owners title insurance. Your mortgage lender will require title insurance to cover their interest. As inexpensive as it is, it is to your advantage to purchase owner title insurance also.

    Escrow accounts are what the lenders may require you to have so they can directly pay insurance, taxes etc.

    PMI may be required if your down payment is less than 20%.

    Loan to value (LTV) is the ratio between how much you borrow to the value of the residence.

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    mortage is just a fancy word for home loan. as for the rest, I dont know because I just asked my mom about the house buying thing myself. I have a lot to learn too!

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