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Question about possible glass in food?

I was cooking a stew and went to add some wine. When I opened the bottle, the neck of the bottle came off. It was a fairly clean break. I thought it would be ok to just strain the wine as I poured it through a tea strainer, but now I'm having second thoughts. If any glass got through it would be miniscule - what would you do? Pitch the dinner and get pizza or assume it would be fine.

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    If you are this worried about it, you should pitch it. Otherwise the whole time you're eating you'll keep thinking your biting or swallowing glass. I would pitch it.

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    Your question is to the point: :-)

    > what would you do? Pitch the dinner

    > and get pizza or assume it would be fine.

    Because of the tea strainer I would dump the meal, with regret.

    At the let's-take-the-tea-strainer stage of your tale I would have:

    If it was any-old-plonk, dumped it.


    If the wine was something considerably more valuable, I'd have strained it through muslin.

    Once the wine was in the dish without that, I wouldn't touch it.

    Neat dilemma... :-)

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    I personally wouldn't take any chances especially if you are serving the dinner for guests. It sounds to me that it's pretty harmless but throwing it out would just give me piece of mind. You never know what could happen.

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    I would pitch it..because even if I didn't eat any glass I would be paranoid and think I was having internal bleeding

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    The most responsible thing to do would be to throw it out because if there is glass in your food and you swallow it there could be serious complications such as internal damage.

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    toss it hon, don't risk it. i had an experience too, with broken glass and cooking. i was in peace with my mind too for tossing it, because i have a small child. i wouldn't want anything bad to happen to her because of my negligence.

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    the garbage will work fine!!!!!!

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    garbage ! (hospital it´s very expensive)....

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