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Brian C asked in SportsFantasy Sports · 1 decade ago

Fantasy Football: Pros and Cons of Yardage vs Touchdown Scoring?

Curious in hearing your opinions of setting the scoring system of a Fantasy Football league to a yardage weighted system (10yd/1 pt 1TD=4pts) and a touchdown weighted system (20yd/1pt 1TD=6pts). By default, Yahoo used touchdown scoring and the other leagues use yardage scoring.

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  • 1 decade ago
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    It just changes the value of rb's! look @ NO Duce is a big goal line back his value is higher in the td sys. Bush has higher value in the yards sys. A player like LT is great in both!! you could also look @ receiving pts for rb's this helps players on team that throw to rbs like addi & westbrook... I like the td sys but I really like to play in a league with IDPs. that adds alot.

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  • 1 decade ago

    Yardage friendly leagues favor the WR's and RB on weaker teams where TD friendly leagues favor the stronger RB's and overall the stronger teams. I guess it is based on preference but I usually like both and just can not wait till football season starts back up - WHO DEY!!

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