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question about NBA standings?

i have been wondering how does this standing thing work.

today i was reading a news article about nba playoff standing, the paper says that the Chicago Bulls and the Cleveland Cavaliers are competing for the 2nd standing in the east coast conference. The winner will be 2nd place and they will be facing NJ nets (7th place) in the playoff; however, the loser will be dropped to 5th place, but not the 3rd place. Why's that?


thx for the answers

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    The top four seeds will be the three division winners plus the team with the next best record. Those four will be ordered by record (and tiebreakers if needed), so it's possible that two teams in the same division could hold the top two spots, with the other two division winners at Nos. 3 and 4.

    Seeds 5 through 8 are the next four teams according to record (and tiebreakers if needed).

    The 3 division leaders (Toronto, Detroit, Miami) must be in the top 4 even if they have the 6th, 7th, or 8th best records in the East. As of 04/12/07, the top 4 seeds (3 division leaders + the team w/ the best record of the 5 other playoff teams) would be:

    1. Detroit

    2. Chicago/Cleveland

    3. Toronto

    4. Miami

    Whoever has the better record between Chicago & Cleveland will be the 2 seed, and the loser will be the 5th seed. Even though the loser will have 3rd best record in the East, they can't be in the top 4 because they did not win their division. The 3 division leaders MUST be in the top 4.

    Still confused? It's really complicated, and I don't know why they just can't order it based on record.

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    3 division leaders get 3 of the top 4 seeds

    Miami and Toronto are division leaders and cleveland isn't and thats why they come in front. Chicago is second even though they have the same record because their division record is better so the tiebreaker goes their way

    everybody is wrong

    division leaders dont get top 3 seeds

    they get 3 of the top 4

    chicago is not a leader and they are in second now

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    There are three divisions with in each conference.

    Each division leader gets a top ranking 1-4

    Bulls and cavaliers are tied and in the same divison so the remaining top rank will go to the one with the best record or the bulls if they tie

    Bulls have beaten Cavaliers more times.

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    Each division winner gains a top 3 seed in each conference. Everybody else gets seeded 4th-8th seeds based on records after the top 3 seeds in each conference. To get the number 1 seed in each conference you have to have the best record in your respective conference. After that it goes based on records for the second seed through the eighth seed.

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    teams in the same division cannot take the top 3 positions therefore they move down to the fifth position....i know its confusing

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