Need advice for buying a new car?

I need to purchase a new car. I've read the info. from and thought I was prepared. I began talking to a salesman via the net & it became apparent that I need help with my bargaining tecnique. I told the man what I wanted to pay and he said that the dealer would never go for that and wanted to know where I got my numbers from. Here is a quote from him. "Any site from,,, all contain disclaimers that these items are not reflected in their price, are different by region, and affect the actual invoice price. Of course the invoice I'm listing is an actual cost we pay for the vehicle and can be verified at any toyota dealership since we all pay the same thing. " He did not want to work with me when I tried to bargain with him. He then said "They will not sell that vehicle below our invoice. They pay me a flat fee by the vehicle so I really don't care how low they sell it for but that is at least $2000.00 below what they would consider.Help


BTW: I am looking to purchase a Toyota Rav4 SUV

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    Here's how to pull it off. The Dealerships make the money in three much you buy their car for, how much they buy your car for, and when you finance the new car, they get 2% off the interest for the duration of the loan. So, they won't sell to you for below the invoice, but they will go $100 over invoice ( assuming it's a quality car and not a POS). The trick is to show them a down payment. That will get them working with you......and only talk to the manager. Now, the down side. They usually only budge on one car, meaning they'll give you KBB value for your car, but you'll pay closer to MSRP for theirs....or, you take what they give you for yours and pay just over invoice for theirs. That's the tactic they'll use. So, the way to win is have least 10% of the car....Demand Fair Market Value for your trade, and sell you the car for $100 over invoice.....assuming you have good credit, you should have a car deal.....but remember....when it comes to getting the deal.....only talk to the manager----and he's a silver toungued devil, so be firm, and when he shows you numbers....don't say a word!! I don't care how long it takes. I had 90 minutes of silence with a customer once. He who speaks first loses----old trick in the car buisness....Good luck!!

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    Here is your first problem... your talking to him over the internet or phone. In his defense he doesn't even know if he has a buyer so why would he negotiate? The best negotiating technique is the "that's not good enough" and the walk out. No need to talk with a manager or any of the stuff you read online. It is really simple. Go in to the dealership, test drive the car. Sit down and act as if it does not matter if you buy the car or not (which is really the hardest part). When the prices start coming just tell them "that's not good enough". When they ask what is then tell them you "don't know but that's just not good enough." After two rounds of this the manager is in on the deal and then you can talk about the amount you want to pay. You will know you have the best price when they won't let you walk out the door. Timing is everything in this game. However, keep in mind that what the invoice is irrelavant. The only thing that is relavent is the price you want to pay and the price they want to sell for. Start at invoice and go up.

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    if you did your home work and know what they are going for then stick to theses prices also go to different car dealers and look at the same kind of car and year write down the miles and price and do the average that is the price minus 200-600 dollars. if there is a nice one you have your eye on ask questions about it. have some friends test drive it and tell them to give the dealer a price for what they would give under what you would buy it for.then 20 Min's later you go in and ask about it and test drive it and you will give your price for it. if they say no way. you lower your price. all car dealers have 1000-2000 more than what its worth i buy cars all the time to fix and i can talk them down 80% of the time. the prices are also for financing. so if you have cash to put down the more the lower go. they will take less than what they want for it

    An invoice is a commercial document issued by a seller to a buyer, indicating the products, quantities and agreed prices for products or services with which the seller has already provided the buyer. An invoice indicates that, unless paid in advance, payment is due by the buyer to the seller, according to the agreed terms. Invoices are often called bills.

    2007 Toyota RAV4 Base

    4 Door, SUV, FWD, 3.5L

    OverviewBase MSRP$22,985 City/Highway Mileage22/29 mpg Seating Capacity5/7 passengers Cargo Capacity37.2 cubic feet Horsepower269 hp

    Pricing Category Details

    Manufacturer code 4431

    Base Invoice Price $21,259

    Base List Price $22,985

    Edmunds TMV® Price $22,537

    Destination Charge $645

    Gas Guzzler Tax $0

    Average Sales Tax & Fees $1,446

    Total Target Price $24,628

    Dealer Holdback $425

    Warranty Category Details

    Basic 36000 miles / 36 months.

    Drivetrain 60000 miles / 60 months.

    Roadside None

    Rust 60 months.

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    Well, for one, car-buying is all about who you know and bargaining. One really great tip that I found out when I bought my 04 Maxima was that if you get an approval offer at one dealership, you can take it to any other dealership and get the car you want. Different dealerships use different lenders so it is possible for you to get denied at one dealership due to the lenders, but another dealership gets you approved for a loan. No one will tell you that because of obvious reasons, but the competition will definitely give you the dirt. By law, the financing company has to release the information. I went to Don McGill Toyota and agreed on a 2005 Nissan Maxima. It was basically a base model (pre-owned) and the sale price was around 26, 500 or 27, 000. I signed the paper work on the car, but the catch was that they had not received my proof of employment yet. I just so happened to stop buy Mossy Nissan (RIGHT next door). I found a 2004 Maxima, FULLY LOADED, pre-owned, WITH 10k less miles, for 27,500. Of course I went with Mossy. The sales guy at Don McGill was pissed, but they couldn't finalize my deal without my P.O.E. I hope my story slightly helps you. The loan trick only works with Special Financing."

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    First, it depends upon the car model you want. If you are buying a car in high demand it can be harder to get a good deal. However, I have found that I have been able to beat TRue Market Value price by a few hundred bucks on my last three new cars. You won't be able to buy a car below invoice unless it's a crappy car that isn't selling well (and you don't want to do that). Try using, and tell each dealer that they must email you their offer , along with when they can get you the car. Good Luck.

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    I'll try to help since this is my area of "expertise". Car sales is a tough gig. We have several things going against us, the media who is more than happy to give the consumers tips on how not to get duped and the consumer who is always on their guard because they are assuming that every car salesman is out to get you. First of all, the Toyota Rav4 is a hot product and is in demand so don't expect thousands and thousands of dollars in discounts. There isn't thousands of dollars of markup to begin with. Secondly, do your homework and arrive at a price that a dealer is willing to sell it to you for and at a price that is in your budget. As the old saying goes, "nothing is for free. If you want it, be prepared to pay for it", because it is not going to be given to you just like that. Good Luck.

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    Toyota typically will not make deals on cars that are in high demand like the Yaris, Corolla, and Camry, especially now that gas prices are going up again. Your best bet is either try a different dealer (especially a high volume dealer) or purchase when they are having a holiday sale or a clearance to get rid of last year's models.

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    I bought my last car through If I were a better negotiator, I'm sure that I could have gotten a slightly lower price, but a car salesman vs. me is not a fair fight. It was the end of the model year, the price was below invoice and I was happy not to put up with the games. They give you a price and it's done.

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    the most a dealer will go is 100 dollars below invoice take it from me, invoice is a great price its what the deal ear paid relay, if its to much you may be on the wrong Vachel don't beat up the salesman he wants to sell a car worst than you want one, we have to make a living, profit is not a dirty word ask for a free oil change and be happy.....

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    If you follow "car buying tips" you'll never end up buying a car. If I remember correctly, he wants you to be rude, beat up the salesperson, lie, etc. hold back your trade then parachute in. Any good salesman worth his salt, will have found out through qualifying and listening to you, what car you want, what you drove up in (maybe your trade), monthly budget, and how much down. Between all the lying and B.S. that goes on, there should be a deal there. The customer has a job, and his job is to lie to the salesman. Don't worry, it's not your fault, it's expected. My job is to see through it. And I'm good at it. I do not think there is a law prohibiting salesmen and dealerships from making money. The site that I referred to above wants you to buy the car at 'wholesale' and trade your car at 'retail'. Never happens. what happens is your expectations are too high and as you go from dealership to dealership to dealership, you never buy a car. In fact you'll wait so long, the new models come out.

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