I receiveived an email from Support Team loh@Yahoo.ca on 4/12/07. It went to my span folder.?

Is this legit? I am reluctant to open the attachment "patch7810.zip". Did anyone else receive this and should I install?

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    1 decade ago
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    Yes, this is Spam. Don't open it.

    In case you did open it or your email account is acting wierd, you may have picked up an email virus/bug, try this.......

    Click on your Start Menu, go to Programs, go to your (ISP) Internet Service Provider (Comcast, NetZero, AOL.....) go to Support and option to Restore. This will restore your computer back to the last date it was working properly on line.

    Now go back to your email and try again. If it doesn't work, restart your computer and then try again.

    There is never a good reason to save Spam. (Even if you have another email account, you should have similar options) I recommend the following email adjustments:

    To STOP receiving unwanted (Spam/Bulk/Junk) email, do the following:

    Log into your Email, go to Options (upper right hand side). Go through all your settings and don't forget to save them too.

    Under Spam Protection, make sure your Spam Guard is turned ON. Option to immediately delete all Spam messages. This will force all new email to redirect to your Inbox. Option to Block messages that you mark as Spam. If you plan on keeping your Bulk folder, also option messages you mark as Not-Spam to be moved to your Inbox. Always Option to Block all Images until you can look them over first. This prevents spammers from knowing you opened their email. Save Changes. If you get an email and want to see the Image, at the bottom of the message will be a box that says "Open Image."

    The Bulk folder is your Spam folder. All email in your Bulk folder is not blocked from your email account. When you use the Bulk folder, you are accepting Spam email to be delivered to your email account. When you mark a message as Not Spam in the Bulk folder, it only allows that specific message to be sent to your Inbox. It does NOT mean that all messages in the future from that email address will be allowed in your Inbox.

    Under Blocked Addresses, type in spammer.com, this will stop all Spam that has been reported to Yahoo from ever entering your email. I recommend you remove everything on your list first. This will give you a fresh start after you type in the "spammer.com".

    Under General Preferences, Folders/Search Results, Special Folders, option to redirect incoming unsolicited email to the Bulk Folder. Save.

    Check your Marketing Preferences to make sure you didn't accidently request something. Go into My Account, click Marketing Preferences, click Clear and Save Your Changes.

    If you get email from someone you don't know, NEVER open it (it may contain viruses) and report it as SPAM. This will automatically block it from your email account. When you do open an email that is Spam, you have alerted the sender that your account is Active.

    This will immediately stop all the Junk Mail considerably. I only get maybe one or two Spam emails a Month. Remember, anytime you give out your email address over the internet, you can expect to receive some kind of Spam, unless you have made sure that site is secured.

    Don't save messages in your Inbox folder. Instead create a folder to move them to. Open your Inbox, click the box next to the message(s) you want to save, click the tab above that says Move and create a folder to move it to. Always keep your Inbox clear and ready to receive New Messages. You can have as many folders as you want. When you receive a message from someone you want to continue to Receive from, always make sure to Add their email address to your email address book.

    Good Luck!

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    1 decade ago

    Yahoo.ca?!?! There is no such thing! If you opened this message up, i highly recommend you do a virus scan right now. NEVER EVER EVER open up an attachment to a strange e-mail. If your computer sent it to the spam folder then it was doing you one hell of a big favour!

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  • 4 years ago

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