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willi asked in 文學及人文學詩詞 · 1 decade ago








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    ZiWen person Jiang, wide imperial tomb even people. Addicted to drink, lustful, Tiao is reached immoderately. Often call by oneself: ' own bone clear, it looks on the end such as Chinese as to be spirit extremely ', gold Ling County luxuriant, chase from thief to Zhong Mount, thief wound volume, solve Shou tie up their, there is qing that then died

    And the beginning of Wu Xian's main fact, son gentle so official meet gentle to on dish, ride white horse, hold the white the feather, the attendant is like the all one's life. The persons who see are amazed by and gone. The document chases it, call saying: ' is this Village God that I act as, put the people with the good fortune. Can declare by common people, last shrine to me. No,it have great for fault '

    It is years old summer, great epidemic disease, common people steal the looks to probably move, the person who quites ones that steal the shrine. Whether gentle to put witch wish. ' I heavy to is it help grandson to open, should set up shrine for me; No, make worm enter people ear calamity ' small worm like dust horsefly, pleasant in a moment, all die, medicine can't be managed. Common people intimidate. Grandson letter even mainly. Whether put witch wish. ' I offer sacriffices to the gods or the spirits of the dead I, regard fire as calamity ' years old, heavy to take place fire have, several dozen the first place. Fire and common palace. The persons who discuss thought the spirit returned to some extent, not strict, should have it in order to comfort it

    Make envoy seal son gentle Hou in being, printing additional Shou, in order to set up the temple, it is Jiang Shan to transfer to brass-wind instrument Zhong Mount, build health the Northeast mountain Jiang too today. It is naturally stop calamity, it last major issue common people

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