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Our typical model is to find a category that we want to be in and then decide how we want to participate. Once committed to a category, we seek a commerce model that makes sense given who our potential partners might be and given our ability to add value in that particular category. Apparel is a huge opportunity. It’s a $203 billion U.S. market segment, almost 10 times the size of the U.S. book-market segment. But it is also a very complex business. Products come in sizes and colors. Products are branded. There’s fashion risk and seasonal inventory issues. In many ways, the business is much more complicated than any of the categories in which we currently operate.

Background on Bezos and the Founding of Amazon

Bezos was a 1986 summa cum laude graduate of Princeton, with a B.S. degree in computer science and electrical engineering. Upon graduation, Bezos went to work at a telecom start-up. Bezos then went to work for D.E. Shaw, a quantitative hedge fund, where he helped develop mathematical models. Intrigued by the emergence of the Internet in the early 1990s, Bezos investigated 20 retail categories where he thought significant revenue might migrate to the Internet. After force-ranking these categories, Bezos focused on bookselling. He considered books an especially promising online opportunity in part because the vast number of stock-keeping units (titles) offered the possibility of compiling a vastly more extensive selection than that available in a traditional retail store. Bezos believed that this relative selection advantage was greatest in the books category.


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    我們的典型的模型將找到我們想要在。 曾經致力於一個種類, 我們的潛在的合伙人可能是的我們尋找給的有意義的一個商業模型,給把價值加進那個特別的種類的我們的能力。 服裝是一巨大的機會。 它是一2,030億美國元 市場部分,幾乎的美國大小的10倍 書市場部分。 但是這也是一個非常複雜的生意。 產品是尺寸和顏色。 產品被烙印。 有時裝危險和季節性的存貨清單問題。 用很多模式,生意比我們目前經營的任何種類錯綜複雜。

    關於Bezos 和亞馬遜河的建立的背景資料

    Bezos是1986 summa普林斯頓的附股息的laude畢業生,與某位理學士 計算機科學和電機工程專業的學位。 當畢業時,Bezos去上班一個電信創辦中的企業。 Bezos然後為D.E.去上班 邵,定量對沖基金,他幫助發展數學模型。 在20世紀90年代初透過網際網路的出現激起的興趣,Bezos 調查他認為相當多的收入可以遷移到網際網路的20個零售種類。 在排列力量的這些種類之後,Bezos集中於bookselling。 他部分認為書一次特別有希望的線上的機會因為巨大的遵守股票的單位(標題)的數量 與在一個道統的零售店可提供的那相比較,提供編輯一種大大更廣泛的選擇的可能性。 Bezos相信這個有關的選擇優勢在書種類方面最大。

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