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電吉他譜ˇ很急((艾薇兒的-My Happy Ending)

艾薇兒的-My Happy Ending





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    Bmin G D A

    ohhh ohh ohhh ohh ohhh ohh ohh ohh (x2)

    Bmin G

    Lets talk this o/ver its not like were dead/

    D A

    Was it something i d/id was it something you sa/id

    Bmin G

    Dont leave me hang/ing in a city so dead/

    D A

    Held up so high/ on such a break above the read/

    G A

    you were al/l the things i /though i knew

    G A

    and /i thought we could be/

    D A E

    you were /everything everything that i wan/ted

    D A E

    we were me/ant to be supposed to be but we /lost it

    D A E F#

    all the me/mories so close to me just sta/yed away


    /all this time you were pretending /so much for my happy ending

    (intro break)

    you got your dumb friends i know what they say

    they tell you im difficult but so are they

    But they dont know me do they even know you

    all the things that you hide from me

    all the - that you do

    you were all the things i though i knew

    and i thought we could be

    you were everything everything that i wanted

    we were meant to be supposed to be but we lost it

    all the memories so close to me just stayed away

    all this time you were pretending so much for my happy ending


    A G

    its nice to know that you were there

    A G

    thanks for acting like you cared and making me feel like i was the only one

    A B

    its nice to know we had it all


    thanks for watching as i fall


    and letting me know we were done


    或者你可以參考這一個 , 有包含刷法的.....

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    這雖然是木吉他用的 我覺得大部分電吉他也能用 我是依照依本吉他的書打出來的 面剛好有這首 我用一些符號代替箭頭 望你看的懂 然後副歌的封閉A合玄連續下下下 上下上下上刷 我覺得有點呆版 可以改成 下下下 下上 下上下 後面的下上下要快一點 這譜打了好久><"果你覺得某些部分有更好的刷法 修改後也能上傳給我 因為我想把細節彈的能跟唱片一樣



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