Ohio open carry laws?

Im 18 and i currently work a security job at an old factory. I posses a 9mm and a 357 at home. Im the only person there at night and its a rough part of town. Im wondering would i be allowed to carry either one of these guns in/out of the factory. I also got nailed last week for killing a coon with a spear i made a long time ago. Wondering about blade laws too.


I dont wanna know about concealed carry i already know you have to be 21

Update 2:

To the person who said its illegal to own a hand gun under 21 your wrong. its illegal tp purchase one or try and purchase one. About 3 weeks back i was shooting my sawed off shotgun and my 9mm in a field and a sherriff came out saw i wasnt doin anything checked the serials then let me be. I latered checked into it and found out im allowed to own a handgun.

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    Ohio state law forces sheriffs to issue concealed handgun (CCW) permits to any applicant who can legally buy a gun and has minimal "training." Ohio law also allows local government (cities, towns, etc.) to enact their own more restrictive laws as local government deems necessary. You basically just need to check your area for local gun laws, but otherwise you will be allowed to carry as long as you aren't working in a school and are over 21.

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    There are too many unlawful weapons being carried to fear approximately sporting one. Just borrow the probably the most man who has his hidden in his boot or belt. They are each wherein and If best those unlawful gun companies could defend the general public while an extra unlawful gun service is going on a capturing rampage Wild West form regulation. But alas we've blameless residents die each 12 months since an extra individual used a gun unsuitable. The gun did not use it is self so you notice my factor is ban weapons "Yea" good enough. Hope that works for you. Hey shall we take a look at coaching individuals the ceremony solution to open gun bring. Forget the paper paintings and depart it within the palms of the lord. Guns are like some thing else. Just an item vain by way of it’s self. But just like the knife brass knuckles and lead pipe. You going to outlaw choking ropes, bows and arrows and all of the more thing that can be utilized to kill people with? Takes a Human to make a item a device for homicide. Also a device to defend different's.

  • in the state of ohio it is illegal for anyone under the age of 21 to own a hand gun, therefore you are not legally allowed to carry a hand gun under the age of 21 regardless if it is concealed or out in the open in a holster.

    Source(s): Ohio Police officer trained
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    Since you would be transporting the gun back and forth to and from work, you would be in violation of carrying a concealed weapon. I would strongly recommend that you not do this...

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    Ohio sucks.

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