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My cat has VERY weak hind legs, but is otherwise normal. 2 dif. vets could not tell me what is wrong.?

I have been to 2 different vets, the only options are a CT scan & spinal tap. She is playful(well, as much as she can be w/o the use of her back legs), eats, drinks, & purrs. Does anyone have any idea what this could be?


I have been to 2 different vets, the only options are a CT scan & spinal tap. She is playful(well, as much as she can be w/o the use of her back legs), eats, drinks, & purrs. Does anyone have any idea what this could be?

Okay, I forgot to mention that she is a 7 mo. old persian that is indoors. The vets know she has arthritis in the knees, but do not think that is the reason for the weak hind legs. I don't mind the CT scan, but the spinal tap sounds rather painful, even if she is drugged.

Update 2:

Let's cat weighs 6 pounds. She has a luxating patella(floating knee cap) in both hind legs, but the vet does not think this is the problem. I have had knee problems in the past and I know it is extremely painful. I was using Meow Mix for a while, but have changed to Nutro Natural Choice. I really appreciate everyone's answer!

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    If your cat has always had this problem, she probably had a problem during the birthing process. If this happened after you adopted her, she may have fallen off of something and landed wrong causing pinched nerves in her back. You need to try to remember when you first noticed this symptom and what she might have been doing at that time - how active, etc.

    If your cat is overweight, this will definitely add to her discomfort. Did either vet take x-rays to see if her spine is out of alignment?

    It might also be a deficiency in her diet that's leading to her becoming weak. I would suggest that you try a holistic vet since the traditional vets haven't helped you.

    In the meantime, run your fingers along her spine from the top of her neck to the tip of her tail to see if she shows any signs of discomfort. You can also feel if her spine has an unusual knot or bump that doesn't feel like the rest of her spine. If she shows discomfort, a holistic vet (trained in this specialty) will be able to realign her spine and hopefully give her better mobility.

    Also, please make sure that your cat is eating organic high protein food - read the label. The link below to petfoodtracker will give you some options and keep you informed about the recall. Today's basic pet foods are loaded with growth hormones, pesticides and stuff that isn't fit for humans - like diseased animals, animal parts that people can't digest, etc. Cats need meat for proper nutrition as they are carnivores. Lack of meat in their diet can lead to kidney problems and more.

    Current Safe Pet Foods List supplied by

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    Amoré Pet Services, Inc.


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    There was once this stray cat that came visiting now and again and it acted find it irresistible had issues together with his hind leg. We learned that the leg wasnt damaged like we idea, however as a substitute that leg was once deformed. It lacked the muscle force and the bones had been brittle. Cats will also be in an severe quantity of affliction and nonetheless placed on a blissful face since they observe they want support and humans opt for a blissful injured cat over a loopy hissing injured cat. I suppose they have an understanding of that they have to maintain cool to get the support they want. You must without doubt take him to the vet. Good good fortune!

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    Most likely a genetic defect due to years of inbreeding to perfect the breed standard. Probably where the arthritis comes from as well, as I can't imagine that condition is very common in a 7 month old kitten.

    If she's otherwise healthy, I wouldn't worry too much about it. I wouldn't let her outside unsuperivised, though, as she'll have trouble getting away from potential dangers quickly.


    Do not feed a vegan diet, as the poster below me listed some foods that have vegan options. Cats are carnivores and vegan diets will lead to many deficiencies, health problems, and eventual death.

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    wow i wonder if it could be nerve damage ? , i see these cats all the times and when they cross the street their back legs are so weak 'that they roll on the street for 2seconds then get up and do it all again.,. i have never seen this before .. the cats are feral so i can;t ask about this condition,.,. lol

    Source(s): cats owner +helper 40yrs
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    possible old accident or birth defect??

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