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I have a question about medical coverage for married people.?

For the time being my husband and I do not have medical coverage for hospitalations or Dr visits or blood test until he gets a job with benenfits or when I get a job with benenfits, what is a good reasonable medical coverage to get until we get work benefits, who do you reccomend and how can we go about this we live in the East Vally in Arizona?

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  • Zarnev
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    1 decade ago
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    If you are both unemployed you won't be able to get a regular policy. This is because the insurance companies know you are probably going to get a job with benefits and they don't want to spend the money getting you on a policy if you're not going to stay awhile. However, you can get short term medical insurance to cover you in case of a catastrophe. They do not cover minor doctor visits or pre-existing conditions but will keep you out of bankruptcy because of high medical bills.

    If you are employed we can get you on a permanent policy.

    Contact your local independent agent or EM me. I'm in AZ and can help.

  • 1 decade ago

    contact the state about applying for health insurance.

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